Sunday 20th July – Harrogate 10k

Sunday 20th July – Harrogate 10k

Report from Sara Elliott:
Harrogate10kA few of us decided to do the somewhat more low-key Harrogate 10k rather than JT Leeds.

Hot and definitely not flat, it wasn’t a day for PBs but Scott came a fabulous 4th!!

Despite the fact I thought I was going to die, it was a great race and one I’d definitely try again. Well done all…

1st Marc Scott, Richmond 30.55, 1st Lady Sharon Barlow Ripon 36.40

4th Scott Harrington 33.38,   14th Tom Midgley 36.34,  38th Tom Potter 40.13,  123rd Andy Webster,  132nd Louise Riches 46:53,  187th Sara Elliott 50:21,  220th Billy Rayner 52.17,  360th Toni Midgley 1:02:20.
See full results on the Harrogate Harriers www here.

5 thoughts on “Sunday 20th July – Harrogate 10k

  1. Very energy sapping…did not feel great after the first hill!

    Everyone did really well in the heat though.

    Interestingly there were a number of heat casualties from the Leeds 10 K admitted. Shows even on short distances one needs to be careful with the heat.

  2. I also did it in 52:17. Was down as an OAC runner in pre-entries list but not in results!

  3. I have done this Harrogate 10k several times and I find the two lap course really tough going. I Congratulate all of you that ran in this hot weather condition ,especially Tom P. 40.13 is consistency racing and good considering the heat as well also Toni M. ran well in this Harrogate city centre race. Well done everybody.

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