Sunday 3rd August – Asda Foundation York 10k

Sunday 3rd August – Asda Foundation York 10k

A mere 12 seconds separated third place Frank Beresford from the winner of this year’s Asda Foundation York 10k. The winner was Neil Malcolm (Leeds City) with a gun time of 32:29 and chip of 32:27.

Second place was James Bulman (New Marske Harriers) 32:37 (32:36), with Frank recording 32:41 (32:40) while the first lady in 13th place overall was Martyna Snopek in 35:18 (35:15).

A note from Frank; the first man on the results was the men’s winner in the wheelchair race – which possibly gives Frank second place.

Also for Otley were Cadan Hoare in 49:33 (44:41), Reid Haddow in 54:10 (54:01) and Melvin Hoare in 54:54 (50:01). Full results.

Frank reports: The York 10k was a reasonably flat course, taking the runners from the York Racecourse though the Medieval streets of York (even passing the Minster).

It was a fine course and well organised; and there where about 5,500 runners and a huge amount of supporters to spur them along.

For my race I took off with the lead group of three runners and took it reasonably easy as I let the other two do the work at the front. I was planning on injecting a good dose of speed at the 8km mark but again lacked confidence in myself to sustain my speed.

In the end of the race it came to a sprint finish due to my “laid back” running during the race, I ended up finishing second with a time of 32:41 minutes.

I come away from the race pleased as my aim was to get a sub 33 minute 10k. I now plan to work on my speed to give me the edge in my finishes. My next aim is to achieve a sub 32 minute 10k. It’s going to take some hard work but with some good training sessions down at the club with the lads, I will achieve it.

6 thoughts on “Sunday 3rd August – Asda Foundation York 10k

  1. Just a quick correction. The first man on the results was the men’s winner in the wheelchair race.

  2. Well done Frank, don’t be too hard on yourself. Sure you can do 31mins soon. (Abbey Dash)

  3. What a shame that also the York half does not go into the city of York through the medieval part of the city, instead the half goes out of the city to be run in the country side . 32.41 is really good Frank , it is indeed a strong performance, and it seems to me that you are already in good shape. The 54 .10 by Read is significant that is coming back in good form soon. Also the Hoare had a good day running in York.

  4. well done all you great “Black and Whites”, fantastic running Frank, well done all ,on a rather hot running day!

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