Runner of the month for July 2014

Runner of the month for July 2014


The Runner of the Month accolade for July has been awarded jointly to Nicola Lee and Jamil Parapia.

Nicola continues to improve and put in a strong performance in the Jane Tomlinson Leeds 10k recording 49:23, and also took part in the Liz Fawcett Leathley Handicap and the HDSRL Ripon Handicap.

Jamil came fifth in the Jane Tomlinson Leeds 10k, won a Harrogate Park Run in 16:01 and for some reason was at the start of the Lakeland 100 to wave Sarah Fuller off.

However, we couldn’t not give a special award of a bottle of bubbly to Racheal Bamford for her Commonwealth Games performance.

For those of you that don’t know, Racheal was an OAC member until earlier this year before ‘defecting’ to Leeds City, which is very much a track and field club and uses the track at South Leeds Stadium for training.

And there is a rumour that at one point our President used to be faster than her.

3 thoughts on “Runner of the month for July 2014

  1. Wow – really pleased, thank you! Congratulations to Racheal and Jamil for their fantastic achievements last month.

  2. I agree with Ursula , worthy winners indeed , Jamil is a super runner, he is almost 10 years that he going fast at a top level. Also Nicola L. is running well. I would give Racheal Bamford a gold medal for her racing at the Commonwealth Games and as well for her remarkable results on the track, well done indeed.

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