Sunday 10th August – Round Hill Fell race, Timble. (8.8m/1099ft)

Sunday 10th August – Round Hill Fell race, Timble. (8.8m/1099ft)

The 12th edition of the Round Hill fell race was the first wet one and it was very wet too!  A big big thanks to all those helping out on the moor,  the checkpoint marshals & the course markers.  Some markers left over from an event the previous day caused confusion for some, leading to several missing the third checkpoint, or going much further afield!

Adam Osborne from Leeds City was first home in 55:20, first lady was Rebecca Cesar De Sa, Skyrac in 1:06:11.

Liam Dunne was first home for Otley in 4th, 56:54 followed by 7th Sam Stell 1:00:59, 8th Robin Outtersides 1:01:04,  17th Edward Davies 1:02;31,  20th Rogan Ashton 1:03:18,  22nd Richard Smith 1:03:38,  25th Graham Lake 1:05:25,  51st John Armitstead 1:10:16,  57th Tom Lynch 1:11:46,  76th Andy Webster 1:17:03,  96th Matt Podd 1:23:20,  109th Colin Best 1:30:59,  123rd Antonio Cardinale 2:13:14.

See Full Results here.

15 thoughts on “Sunday 10th August – Round Hill Fell race, Timble. (8.8m/1099ft)

  1. Another slick production by the Robertshaw family and helpers – Thank you all very much. Posative comments from a lot of runners.
    Thanks all Matt

  2. & no plugs intended, but a big thanks to the AA man who went a long way out of his way to his next job to drive Jill back Timble from Denton!

  3. Thanks to the Robertshaws, helpers and the marshalls. Giving your Sunday morning up and standing in a boggy field in the lashing rain (cold rain too)….need I say more!

    Love this race and also heard a lot of good feedback on the day. Well done all.

  4. Well done to everyone involved today. First time in the Round hill race. Only disappointment I missed out on a sausage sandwich

  5. Sorry Andy. We just did them as a try and were taken by complete surprise when they sold out in minutes; but it was definitely hot sausage weather this year. Hope to do more next year.

  6. Thanks for putting on a great race, my wife and i really enjoyed it. Couldn’t help noticing though a few runners in vests carrying no kit at all!

  7. Thanks Martin, a waterproof top was recommended, but I wasn’t going to enforce with disqualification etc., I do agree with your thoughts though, a long cold walk if injured…

  8. Had a blast marshalling and ended up running 14 miles y’day!

    Must race it a second time next year though. Cracking route.

  9. Very nice comments on the FRA Forum from the Fishwick and others about a run in the rain. What about numbers on shorts!!!! No respecters of rules these fell runners.

  10. Liam Dunne ran a beautiful race , his 56:54 is a great performance , he achieved some great running, and he would deserve a medal . Well done to all the club’s members who ran the Round Hill race in such a heavy rain and difficult ground condition , it was hard , well done everybody.

  11. Also well done to Andrew Robertshaw who has made the Round Hill Fell race , one of the best in our district for the last 12 years , I can still remember the first one , it was enjoyable and a hard one to do , like this year very wet and difficult one. As well the marshals did a great job, especially Emma Payne and her dad Bob with their water station , their coloured canape could be seen from more then half mile of distance and for me that struggling to get the right direction and all alone at the back after Jill disappeared in front of me , the heavy rain made very difficult to see properly the footpath, and suddenly to see far away on the horizon the coloured canape of the water station it was a relief.

  12. About Jill . From the start I had Jill in front of me ,all the way until the Plantation gate Jill was there, at about 50 meters ,but I could not quite close the gap . Sean was with me until the the Round Hill Top, down hill sadly Sean twisted his ankle once again and disappeard at the back. I just lost sight of Jill after the reservoir near the Plantation entrance, so I was left alone and stranded at the back, and I feel bad that i could not close the gap ,because if I did, Jill would not have lost her way to Timble.

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