11 thoughts on “Saturday 23rd August – Burnsall 10

  1. A small OAC turnout – but some excellent results especially from Mark and Julian. This is quite a testing undulating route with a steep climb at 8 miles – made up for by the fantastic views, when you can muster the energy to look. Julian is a past winner of this and it is clearly one of his favorite events. Lovely to see him racing again. Some steadfast running from Messrs Cattanach and Cardinale as ever.

    Afterwards with tired legs I trudged very slowly uphill to watch the Fell runners descend the steep top section. Sadly no OAC entries – but great to see the elite runners in action.

  2. Good effort all – with special congratulations to Mark and Julian. I thought Julian was looking hot at the Golden Acre relays.
    As John said – this is a lovely low key event, put it in your diary for next year – if you feel bold go for the double. Best case of cramp i’ve ever had was during the descent of the fell course after the 10 mile race.
    I would have entered if I had not been doing secret marathon training in Worcestershire.

  3. Cheers Matt. I had toyed with doubling up but that was before running the 10 miles. Completely out of the question afterwards. Hope the marathon training is going well.

  4. Powerful performance by Mark H. with 58: 04 in a hard 10 miles like Burnsall is really fast. Julian M. in 9th place with 59:47 is awesome indeed. Also John D. did a strong ran , and David C. had a good day in Burnsall , although half way I almost got him.

  5. Great run there Mark et al. Good to see Julian back at the business end….there’s life in the old dog yet!

  6. Well done to Team OAC, shame there weren’t more Black & Whites there – as Matt P said; put it in your diary for next year.

    (I’d planned to do the road and fell events this year, but the wheels have started to wobble a bit.)

  7. Such a splendid race, my thirteenth time since 1995. Great to see the other OAC members there and not deterred by the heavy rain on the journey up.
    I was the second of three Julians in the first fifteen to finish – so much vocal support and yet no sight of Florence Kiplagat.

  8. 13 your lucky number then Julian? Well done the OAC contingent as well as mark and Julian in the top 10

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