Sunday 24th August – Halton Gill Sports

Sunday 24th August – Halton Gill Sports

Report from Graham Lake:

I did the Halton Gill Sports fell race on Sunday. This is a typical BOFRA race, straight up and down to the highest point on the horizon. The gala itself was loads of fun, 3 legged race, welly wanging, blind sheepdog trials, all very low key and so friendly. Halton Gill is in an absolutely idyllic spot, and if you dare look over your shoulder while grasping for tufts of grass on the way up you see gorgeous views back over to Pen-y-Ghent. There was very little actual running, but I kept up with the main ‘chasing pack’, behind the 3 fell-gazelles at the front.

The downhill was rough, rocky, steep and I didn’t exactly fly down. Knowing I’d need my ankles to drive home I took it easy and lost loads of time, but it stopped actually mattering, I was just enjoying the challenge.

It did matter when I heard the leading ladies closing me down, so put in some effort to stay ahead.

Similar feeling to after Roseberry Topping, slightly traumatised but buzzing.

No idea on placing or time, but it was all about the whole day really.

I do know I beat Adam Osbourne though (in the 3 legged race).

4 thoughts on “Sunday 24th August – Halton Gill Sports

  1. The race sounds horrendous Graham but whatever floats your boat! I might go next year to do some welly wanging though.

  2. It was wise of you Graham to save your ankles on that rough and rocky downhill ,and there is nothing wrong on being passed by ladies if they are strong runners ( and pretty as well ) and after all you did ran a good race in Halton Gill. Well done indeed.

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