Sunday 24th August – West Yorkshire 5

Sunday 24th August – West Yorkshire 5

Report from Liam Dunne:

West yorkshire 5 mile_FinishI travelled to Birkenshaw this afternoon with Tom Midgley, his wife Toni and Tilly the dog for the West Yorkshire 5 mile Road Race.

It started at the unusual time of 2pm and, with it being a fairly hot and sunny day, an earlier start would have been a bit more pleasant.

The start of the race was from the fire station in Birkenshaw as this event incorporated the Fire Service Championship. From the start it was an uphill winding loop on the grounds of the fire station before we pounded the local roads of Birkenshaw.

The first two miles were all gradual climb before it flattened out and then a gradual decent to the 3.5 mile mark and again a long gradual climb up to the grounds of fire station and back down to the finish.

Soon after the start it was Kevin Ogden of Spen AC who established an early lead and showed a clean pair of heels to the rest of the field.

Behind him was a runner from Preston who despite struggling on the hills managed to get a gap and sustain it to the finish. I was next with Tom Midgley in hot pursuit and kept the pressure on all the way.

Tom had a great run despite having a tough week of training in the build up to the Great North Run. He also ran the Leeds Park Run yesterday and achieved his best result for a few years over the distance, so well done Tom.

Overall a tough course but very happy to finish in 3rd place and 1st V40 (only one prize of highest value to each runner) Tom also came away with a massive pb and a prize for 3rd man in the open category. Special thanks to Tom’s wife Toni and the Harringtons dog Tilly, who offered unbiased support during the race.

Results:  1st Kevin Ogden, Spenborough 27:45,  1st Lady Maddy Winzer, Richmond & Z 34:22,  3rd Liam Dunne 28:36,  4th Tom Midgley 28:55.  Full results on RaceBest www here.


7 thoughts on “Sunday 24th August – West Yorkshire 5

  1. Thanks Julian. We thought the prizes were a disappointing so we decided to help ourselves to an ATM each! Btw as you work for a bank have you any idea how to open the feckin’ thing?!

  2. A good report from Birkenshaw Liam , and from the picture you look a hard runner with that beard , I suppose it is there to scare off the rivals , 28:36 is a brilliant result indeed , less then a minute from Kevin . Also Tom M. had a super ran in this 5 mile road race. Well done you two.

  3. Thanks for the usual words of encouragement Antonio. Just for the record the beard is more down to laziness rather than a scare tactic. Hope you enjoyed Burnsall.

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