Tuesday 26th August – Kilnsey Crag Race

Tuesday 26th August – Kilnsey Crag Race

Report from Matt Podd:

I went to the show and spectated at the race a few years ago, and thought that this was one not to be missed. It is only 1 mile long, but with a near vertical descent; an Iconic BOFRA race with history and real class. One for the bucket list if you want to call yourself a fell runner.

So I took the afternoon off work and went for a trot. About 70 of us lined up on a nice day, and off we went. The ascent is OK, then 200yrds flat on top and then dive dive dive, over the edge. Wild death potential with rocks whistling past – except for the one that hit me on the back of the leg. Then comes a slight lull before the main event: The vertical gully! This now has a rope down it to assist you – which the old-timers say spoils the fun. Didn’t stop some bloke falling past me.

From there to the finish in the show field is a path.

Ted Mason was second, not sure who won – but it wasn’t me. Well I’m glad I’ve got Yorkshires most dangerous fell race done and survived – if covered in blood.

The show is excellent – a real Dales experience.

Results: 1st Rob Hope, P&B 8:07,  1st Lady Caroline Lambert, Wetherby R 10:55,  64th Matt Podd 13:38.

All the results, including sheep, cattle, walking sticks and adult handicrafts (fnarr fnarr), or just the Crag race on the BOFRA site here & lots of Woodentop photo’s here and Caron’s fell race and dancing sheep photo’s on the club flickr here, they did shortly after these were taken honestly.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday 26th August – Kilnsey Crag Race

  1. I have just seen this fell race on youtube Matt and to me it looks like an extreme tough fell race, that makes the Chevin fell race easy, not too difficult to run. You really ran well and you would deserve indeed an award for your achievement ,well done Mr President.

  2. The dancing sheep look better than me!
    Didn’t even notice Caron or Andrew at the top – must have been the fear!
    Andrew said he saw the rock chasing me down and it was huge, Scars are healing.

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