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Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th September – RAB Mountain Marathon

This report could only come from one person*. If you can’t work out who it is, have a look at the race results and see who you recognise.

We dibbed at the final control on a narrow ridge and at last could see the event centre a kilometre or so away down in the valley; ‘okay, run and run fast or failing that hobble fast that will do’, the ground is rough but a clear runners trod had formed through the tussocks from the passage of preceding teams all converging on the finish, ‘nearly done’, ‘don’t stop now’, ‘ignore the pain’, only a few minutes of our time limit remaining, ‘oh cr*p a gate, what a faff and oh, another one’, but finally we emerge onto the road and a frantic sprint down to the finish, final dib, time check – ‘yes a few minutes to spare’! And so ended my 5th RAB Mountain Marathon. Read the rest of this entry »


Sunday 28th September – Ikano Robin Hood Half-Marathon

Robin Outtersides and Stephen Boddy took part in the fast flat course that is the Ikano Robin Hood Half-Marathon. Importantly Batman Stephen and Robin both got PBs; 1:17:00 and 1:44:51 respectively (chip times).

From the provisional results Robin was 32nd and Stephen 1,398th. The winner was Matthew Kimutai in 1:04:21 and the first lady in 18th place was Gladys Kwambai in 1:14:22.


Saturday 27th September – Clyde Stride Ultra Marathon

That Richard Clarke has been striding out, again. This time in Scotland.

“Had a fantastic day out at the Clyde Stride Ultra Marathon on Saturday running the 40 miles from Partick to New Lanark along the banks of the River Clyde.

“A lovely, well organised event along a very scenic route. The race was blessed with fine weather despite the race date having been moved from May because of the Commonwealth Games. Finished in about 7 hours 21 minutes in 2012, but came in around the 8 hour mark this time around.”


Sunday 28th September – YVAA Cross-Country Championship

Seven runners from Otley took part in this event at Nunroyd Park; Angela Srivastava, Joanna Hobson, Matt Podd, Philip Robinson, Liam Dunne, Graham Lake and Richard Hamer.

In the 10k men 35-49 race, Liam was seventh in 30:06, Graham Lake was 22nd  in 33:11 and Richard Hamer gave up*. The winner was Richard Harris (Rotherham Harriers) in 28:35.

In the 10k men 50-69 race Matt Podd was 60th (time to be confirmed). The winner was Simon Wright (Doncaster AC).

In the 5k women 35+ and men 70+ race Philip Robinson was 49th in 21:14, Joanna Hobson was 78th in 24:11 and Angela Srivastava was 84th in 25:24. The winner was Helen Berry (Holmfirth Harriers) in 15:40 and the first male was Les Haynes (Bingley Harriers) in 18:40.

* Due to a mountain bike injury.


Sunday 28th September – Sutton 10k

News of yet another win for Frank Beresford – keep ’em comin’ mister! Sutton 10k is a multi-terrain flat course at Sutton on the Forest, a few miles to the north of York, and organised by Easingwold RC.

“The course was enjoyable with parts of it taking you through the woods, fields, a derelict airstrip and countryside roads. The weather was perfect for running, and as for my race I took it reasonably easy for the first 7km (it was my 3rd race of the week). I then put in a 5.15-mile that gave me a clear lead to win the race in 34:05.

“There was a great performance from Howard Jeffrey as well, however, I am unsure yet if he won in his category or time. All in all a great race.”

Full results awaited.


Thursday 25th September – 3000m Handicap

Antonio maintained his lead from start to finish, recording a time about 40 seconds quicker than last year.  He was followed by Sean & Phil in the top 3 positions.  Phil established the first v70 club record for the 3k, a good one too.  Howard equaled Phil’s V60 time finishing 8th, sorry Howard that’s what the stop watch said!.  It was good to see lots of the fast boys racing hard, with Frank just taking the honour of the fastest time on the night, after a bit of confusion with Scott sprinting for a finish a lap early.. elastic bands are very useful at this one!.  Thanks to John Cowan for helping out with the time keeping.

Charlotte retains here lead at the top of the handicap table on 131 pts ahead of Sean O’Halloran 129, Toni Midgley 124, Steve Robinson 122, Dominic Egan 119, Andy Webster 118

Time H’Cap Actual
1 Antonio Cardinale 16:35 00:00 16:35 22
2 Sean O’Halloran 16:46 01:15 15:31 21
3 Phil Robinson 16:56 03:15 13:41 20
4 Toni Midgley 17:12 01:45 15:27 19
5 Tom Paget 17:20 05:00 12:20 18
6 Howard Jeffrey 17:33 05:45 11:48 17
7 Steve Robinson 17:34 06:00 11:34 16
8 Tom Midgley 17:34 07:30 10:04 15
9 Frank Beresford 17:34 08:10 09:24 14
10 Zack Whitehead 17:35 08:10 09:25 13
11 Scott Harrington 17:39 08:10 09:29 12
12 Graham Lake 17:40 07:15 10:25 11
13 Jamil Parapia 17:42 08:10 09:32 10
14 Laura Hind 17:47 02:10 15:37 9
15 Gemma Harrington 17:48 02:20 15:28 8
16 Nicola Lee 18:00 04:00 14:00 7
17 Andy Webster 18:04 05:15 12:49 6
18 Jenson Brogden 18:06 04:40 13:26 5
19 Dominic Egan 18:12 04:40 13:32 4
20 Charlotte Tomlinson 18:18 03:45 14:33 3
21 Imogen Webster 18:40 02:20 16:20 2
22 Richard Hamer 18:45 04:40 14:05 1


Sunday 21st September – Filey 10k Beach Race

Report From Tom Midgley

On Sunday I made the long drive over to the East Coast to take part in the Filey 10k Beach Race.

The race started and finished at the Country Park. The first 5km was out towards Flamborough Head along the beach which was relatively easy. However the return was not so easy with a very strong headwind holding us back slightly. The last 1km was hard work with a short but very steep climb back up to the country park.

I finished the race in 5th position in a time of 38.42, and made the prizes for 3rd Male in my age category.


Saturday 20th September – Three Shires Fell Race

Sam Stell did the 47th in Three Shires Fell Race in the Lake District with, according to the Ambleside AC website had “free tea and pasty at the finish”.

The race is 12.4-miles long with 4003ft of ascent and takes in Pike of Blisco, and Sam finished in 2:25:07. Full results awaited.

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Sunday 21st September – Embsay Fell Race

No lazy Sunday afternoon for Matt Podd:

I did the Bofra Embsay Fell Race of 2.9 miles and a mere 850ft of ascent (the Chevin is 925ft) on Sunday afternoon. No results as yet, but no prizes for me. Enjoyed it, with the normal horrific climb and fast fun descent. Kids races were very well supported, but no other Black & Whites.


Sunday 21st September – Kirkstall Abbey 7

A quick look at the results, shows our Frank Beresford coming in 1st in 37.35; Tom Potter, 22nd in 43.36; Howard Jeffrey,46th in 47.42; Colin Best, 158th in 56.37; Sara Richard, 179th in 59.10.