Sunday 24th August – 2014 Weyer ETU Standard Distance Duathlon European Championships

Sunday 24th August – 2014 Weyer ETU Standard Distance Duathlon European Championships

I have not race reported for a while but that is not because I have been inactive… au contraire!

I competed in the English Sprint Triathlon championships at Eton in July and came sixth in my age group. I also did the British Standard Triathlon Championships, in Liverpool in early August, and came sixth in my age group. Pleased with that result as I had a good race all round and it qualified me for the Euro Champs, in Geneva, next year.

Went to Austria to do the European Duathlon Standard Champs, in Weyer last Sunday. Absolute deluge of rain till about two minutes before our start then pretty good conditions. Managed 42:30ish for the first 10k then my trusty Nike Mayfly shoes (supposedly good for 100K, then throw away) finally fell apart coming into first transition (they owe me nought as I have done thousands of K in them!).

I wanted to bury them with ceremony on an Alpine pasture but Jacque would not let me. She said it was in some way toxic pollution of the environment!

Three times up Mont Blanc (so it seemed) was HARD on the bike and was a real lung and heart tester over 40k. The chain came off on the first grade but I only lost a bit of time but no placing in my age group.

During the downhills on the bike I had time to reflect (despite the terrifying hairpins) on how I was going to do the last 5k run without a right shoe on some pretty sharp gravel paths! I had rubber bands in my bag… not robust enough! I had a spare number belt I could tie round… plausible! Eureka… I was wearing calf compression sleeves so I thought I could just slip it down over my shoe and it would hold it together… guess what… it did! (21:23 for the 5k). I thought it would be destroyed by the friction but when I took it off it was barely even dusty!

Not relying on it for next time as I have a spare pair of Mayflys waiting in the wings ready for call-up. With the lost time I may have made one position higher although I doubt it but… guess what… I came sixth! Second UK counter in my age group also prequalified for next year’s European Standard Duathlon at a place to be decided… so a bit like a mystery tour!

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  1. You have been very busy indeed Howard and with remarkable results as well. Your report from Austria is really good and funny, but it made me realize that you need urgently new high quality gear , and that means that you have to invest in these new items a huge amount of money and maybe a new bike that will cost you like a car, if you wish to finish on the podium . You are a bit younger then me and I am just flabbergasted of how good you are in three different discipline , it is will power and a consistency to keep your form,and ready to compete at any championship, well done Howard.

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