Sunday 31st August – Paras’ 10 race

Sunday 31st August – Paras’ 10 race

Richard Clarke reports on the Paras 10 race:

I completed my third Paras’ 10 P-Company Challenge at Catterick Garrison on Sunday and for the third time on a warm and sunny. I appreciated the weather before and after, but not so much during the event.

338 competitors completed the 10-mile course as a ‘simple’ run and 670 of us taking the role of a Tactical Advance for Battle (TAB) carrying 35lb.

It was a particular challenge in the heat, but it’s an enjoyable and well organised event and one I’ll be doing again next year.

All profits generated are donated to the Parachute Regiment Charity which supports serving and retired members of the Parachute Regiment and airborne forces, and assists the wounded and the families of those who are killed in service.

For the second time this year I was within a minute of the target time of 1:50. This time missing out by 39 seconds – so back again next year. The most positive spin I can put on my result is an age-graded position of 53rd out of 670.

They made an announcement at the event encouraging more club runners to join in – and this year they offered a discount on the entry fee.

7 thoughts on “Sunday 31st August – Paras’ 10 race

  1. Hi Richard, so close again, that’s a bit sad for you but you’ve done so well to be near to a challenging target. I’ve done the pure running race twice in the past and it is a fantastic event running along the tank tracks and the staging of the event by the Catterick staff is just so professional.
    Actually, are these your pictures from the race or have you got them mixed up with your holiday snaps from this year’s Glastonbury?

  2. Thanks Julian. I agree that the event is well organised and quite different to any other. I would certainly recommend it.

    The pictures could have been from my recent holiday – in Scotland. Enjoyed glorious sunshine all week and came back tanned.

  3. Well done indeed Richard , it is a massive achievement that very few people can do, and you have to be really a fit person to take part in such great task and I agree with you that is quite different to any other running event. Soon it will start the West Yorkshire Cross Country with around 250 quite strong runners and it would be a serious challange for every club’s members to take part in this 4 events and the is cost only 2 .50 pounds for every race.

  4. Thanks Antonio / Matt. A little mad perhaps, but I’m not alone. I’ve seen the Kilnsey Crag race video!!!

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