Saturday 6th September – Sport Chevin Family Activity Day

Saturday 6th September – Sport Chevin Family Activity Day

Ian Broadbent writes:

The first Sports Chevin Family Activity Day was held with the aim of raising awareness for the campaign to bring sports facilities for all to Otley. Several hundred people attended events including hockey, cycling, football, tug of war, javelin and two runs.

There was a 2.5k and 5k run with the results below. This event will be repeated in the spring so let’s get behind it as a club and do all we can to help Tony Walker and the Back the Track committee in making the dream come true.

2.5k                                                      Time            Age
1.        James Allen                               11:15           12
2.        Spencer Dojahn-Wood                11:24           10
3.        Louie Rees                                 12:25           8
4.        Aston Brogden                           12:28            7
5.        Kieran Green                             14:41           10
6.        Nelson Charlton                         14:55            6
7.        Suzanne Lupton                         15:27            9
8.        Ellora Green                              15:29            12
9.        Isabelle Stringer                        18:52             9
10.      Ben Brunold                              18:54             7 (1 lap of 5k)
11.      Amelie Stringer                         19:01             6
12       Martin Stringer                          19:01
1.        Jenson Brogden                        23:14            10
2.        Adam Powell                            24:08             11
3.        Dave Tait                                 24:11
4.        Andrew Ackroyd                       24:26
5.        Jake McBrinn                           24:46             10
6.        Jackie Ackroyd                         24:59
7.        Colin Best                                27:04
8.        Pange Srivastava                      29:35
9.        Erin Fuller                                31:54            9
10.      Derek Fuller                             31:54
11.      Chris Brunold                            32:37
12.      Skye Fuller                               34:41            7
13.      Sarah Fuller                              34:41

4 thoughts on “Saturday 6th September – Sport Chevin Family Activity Day

  1. shame about the weather but the kids had a ball anyway! erin and skye both doing their first 5k race with one of us in tow for moral support so im mighty proud of my last place!! well done Ian and tony

  2. Well done everybody. Merit to Colin Best as a senior member of Otley AC to take part in this awareness event about a sport centre for everyone in Otley. I agree with Ian B. about to support Tony Walker and as well the Back the Track committee , that they are doing a great job .

  3. It was great event and the kids really enjoyed trying out new sports, Suzy is considering a Hockey career now, god help me!

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