Tuesday 9th September – The Otley Dream Mile

Tuesday 9th September – The Otley Dream Mile

The first of the September track events at the Keighley track.  Despite several folk racing Half’s on Sunday there were still lots of good times recorded, including a couple of club records V50 for Mark Hall and V60 for Howard Jeffrey, see the club records here.

1. Frank Beresford 4:57,  2. Tom Midgley 5:09,  3. Mark Hall 5:11,  4. Howard Jeffrey 6:01,  5. Stephen Boddy 6:10,  6. Andy Webster 6:32,  7. John Cowan 6:37,  8. Jacqueline Ackroyd 6:50,  9. Richard Hamer 6:59, 10. Nicola Lee 7:05,  11. Colin Best 7:28,  12 Toni Midgley 7:44,  13. Imogen Webster 7:48.   ps Jackie your time last year was 6:52, consistent.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday 9th September – The Otley Dream Mile

  1. Mark is going to end up smashing all the records at this rate! Well done to Howard with his new club record too!..

    Looking back, WADA should have investigated after Matt’s 4:32 mile! WOW…

    Richard – did you really run 6:69 ?!?… I thought you may have struggled with injury to finish this super long race :-/

  2. Tom: I was lucky to get round in my condition, was about a mile to long for me 😉
    Well done everyone, a really great event – the rest of you don’t know what you missed; make sure you do it next year!
    Well done to the record breakers; Frank’s turn next year?

  3. Do you know my time Andy? I’m assuming it was somewhere between 6.01 and 6.32. Shall we call it 6.02? 😉

  4. Congratulation to Mark B. for winning the Dream mile ,with a dream ran , that sadly this year I had to miss. Compliments to Mark H. and Howard J. for the new club records, indeed powerful performances from you two. Well done to all the club members who took part in this lovely event , especially Toni M. with 7:44 that is good , and Imogen W. with 7:48 that is not bad at all .

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