Saturday 20th September – Northern Athletics Road Relay Championships

Saturday 20th September – Northern Athletics Road Relay Championships

Captain Liam Dunne reports:

It’s not always easy to work up the enthusiasm to travel long distances for a 6km run in the afternoon and compete against the creme de la creme of northern athletics.
In the past we have struggled to get all our best runners available to compete in these type of events, this year we probably had the best twelve runners from the club but unfortunately one member went down with illness on the day of the event which left the B team one runner short.
However, this didn’t  deter the rest of the team turning up and they all ran really brilliantly, and were in 66th place at the end of leg 5.
Team A all ran out of their skin to finish in 23rd position overall (just 21 secs off a top 20 finish!) which is a fantastic result given the standard of the competition and the size of the club, probably our best ever result at this level.
The support from all OAC members for each other around the course was great and a special thanks to Caron and Annalise for their support and help in taking all the pics (Watch out David Bailey!) Not forgetting of course Flash the only dog at the event to don his club’s vest and bark on the team! Photos can be found here, Telegraph & Argus report here and Yorkshire Post report here.
Well done all.
P.S. If anyone is still interested in competing the Yorks vets cross country next Sun at Nunroyd Pk. Guiseley please get in contact with your d.o.b by tomo. The closing date was Sat but I have been offered and extension until Monday.

Otley A:

Scott Harrington (42) 20:35
Liam Dunne (45) 21:10
Ian Fisher (29) 19:54
Thomas Midgley (30) 21:26
Matthew John (26) 19:54
Frank Beresford (23) 20:05.

Otley B:

Julian Mawson (86) 21:58
Graham Lake (87) 23:00
Rogan Ashton (85) 23:20
Andrew Robertshaw (77) 22:04
Robin Outtersides (67) 21:37.

17 thoughts on “Saturday 20th September – Northern Athletics Road Relay Championships

  1. Well done Otley A 23/116 is fantastic. Punching above weight yet again!
    I note Bob Addey ran so fast he transmogrified!
    Also Otley B, good and solid performances pity incomplete as would have been well up the rankings too.

  2. Well done all, I’m sure none of left anything in the tank, even us B teamers knowing we wouldn’t be finishing a team.
    And it’s worth noting, not counting Leeds B, the A team were 4th Yorks. team. The 1st leg showed the high standard, with the current Yorks.XC champ. 2nd & Northern XC champ. 11th! & pro triathlete 1st. Well over 100 teams finishing too, so lots of depth too. Thanks to Liam for sorted the teams, tea & cake! Flash was really disappointed he could do leg 6 for the B team

  3. Well done to Liam for organising/cajoling and bringing his kitchen stove and cakes. Great also to see Mr Mawson’s continued return to form.

  4. A friend once told me that in his opinion, relays were always the most exciting and memorable of running events and it’s hard not to disagree when witnessing the camaraderie and support yesterday when literally every second counts to help your team-mates. It’s also incredible to think as Team Otley we were also missing Jamil, Mark and Ed as well as others…

  5. Well done to OAC, top results. Really sorry to not be there but work dictated otherwise. Think Liam did good job organising the troops.

  6. Great day out-fantastic running from both teams, coffee and cake included! Can’t believe Flash didn’t swipe any though. Yes lovely to see Julian competing again. Well done to Liam for organising and everyone competing

  7. I echo Julian’s comments about relay events. Whether it’s the 12 or 6 stage relays, Ian Hodgson, FRA or the local Washburn Valley or Danefield, the feeling of being in a team and being reliant on each other is one of the main reasons for joining a club, and I think Otley have the right balance of not taking it TOO seriously, having a laugh, but performing bloody well.
    Thanks to Liam for organising and feeding us, good work.
    4th Yorkshire team is brilliant; over achieving for our size.

  8. Brilliant achievement. Wish I had been fit enough to make a contribution.

    Well done everyone of you, especially The Captain.

  9. Brill results and just confirms we have a fantastic little club who compete just as well as the big clubs when we want to. Us ladies must get ourselves sorted and not let you boys have all the glory.

  10. Really gutted to have missed the event and sorry for letting the team down. However, I was in no fit shape to run.

    Congratulations to everyone who took part and well done to Liam for organising. Incredible result and some amazing times. Couldn’t agree more with all the comments. Great to see Julian back and firing too.

  11. Otley A: Otley B: both teams, well done indeed, super performances by everyone , the results in this quality fields are superlative , I can not believe how good our teams were, great achievements for our club. A good report from Liam as well.

  12. It was nice to race again despite a couple run setbacks. Highlight for me other than the attached action photo was seeing everyone perform best they could on the day. Sorry I can’t be down to the club for the usual adulation! I’ve been hit with the flu since the weekend, but the black and white club vest got me through!!

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