7 thoughts on “Sunday 21st September – Kirkstall Abbey 7

  1. There was a junior race as well, Jenson Brogden 5th and Holly Davey 17th racing in the U17 category at the ages of 10 and 11 respectively.

  2. Frank did well and Tom as well and he was pleased too. Great day for it perfect temperature and sunny. The Lord showed me the way as I raced a ‘nun’ most of the way round (the ‘monk’ was way ahead!). Had a sprint finish and was rewarded with a spot prize. A huge black cap which Tom said looked ridiculous! I though he was jealous till I got home and realised he was right. I am now taking up the Goodies martial art of ‘Ecky Thump’ (Google: Goodies battle ecky thump youtube see Bill Oddie hat)

  3. Great result Frank and well done to everyone else. Especially my mate Sara who reckons she’s not quick over short distances, I’d be more than happy with that result especially after the Yorkshireman last weekend!

  4. Congratulation to Frank B. for winning the Kirkstall 7 , an awesome victory in Leeds. Tom P. 22nd position is good indeed, and Howard J. had a good performance as well . I did this race few times in the past and I found that the course is not flat at all and this reflects on the times at the finishing line. Also Colin B. and Sara R.did good racing in Kirkstall.

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