Thursday 25th September – 3000m Handicap

Thursday 25th September – 3000m Handicap

Antonio maintained his lead from start to finish, recording a time about 40 seconds quicker than last year.  He was followed by Sean & Phil in the top 3 positions.  Phil established the first v70 club record for the 3k, a good one too.  Howard equaled Phil’s V60 time finishing 8th, sorry Howard that’s what the stop watch said!.  It was good to see lots of the fast boys racing hard, with Frank just taking the honour of the fastest time on the night, after a bit of confusion with Scott sprinting for a finish a lap early.. elastic bands are very useful at this one!.  Thanks to John Cowan for helping out with the time keeping.

Charlotte retains here lead at the top of the handicap table on 131 pts ahead of Sean O’Halloran 129, Toni Midgley 124, Steve Robinson 122, Dominic Egan 119, Andy Webster 118

Time H’Cap Actual
1 Antonio Cardinale 16:35 00:00 16:35 22
2 Sean O’Halloran 16:46 01:15 15:31 21
3 Phil Robinson 16:56 03:15 13:41 20
4 Toni Midgley 17:12 01:45 15:27 19
5 Tom Paget 17:20 05:00 12:20 18
6 Howard Jeffrey 17:33 05:45 11:48 17
7 Steve Robinson 17:34 06:00 11:34 16
8 Tom Midgley 17:34 07:30 10:04 15
9 Frank Beresford 17:34 08:10 09:24 14
10 Zack Whitehead 17:35 08:10 09:25 13
11 Scott Harrington 17:39 08:10 09:29 12
12 Graham Lake 17:40 07:15 10:25 11
13 Jamil Parapia 17:42 08:10 09:32 10
14 Laura Hind 17:47 02:10 15:37 9
15 Gemma Harrington 17:48 02:20 15:28 8
16 Nicola Lee 18:00 04:00 14:00 7
17 Andy Webster 18:04 05:15 12:49 6
18 Jenson Brogden 18:06 04:40 13:26 5
19 Dominic Egan 18:12 04:40 13:32 4
20 Charlotte Tomlinson 18:18 03:45 14:33 3
21 Imogen Webster 18:40 02:20 16:20 2
22 Richard Hamer 18:45 04:40 14:05 1

23 thoughts on “Thursday 25th September – 3000m Handicap

  1. It really is all to run for now in the final three races. Well done to everyone tonight, great turnout.

  2. Not sure what happened to the rest of my comment …………pleased with 4th place and my time – think I went off too quick! Also agree with Frank he was neck n neck with Tom on the finish with the others just behind (sorry Scott xx)

  3. Equal is good. I have Steve to thank for that on the last lap as I have always said (in a deep, slow John Cleese voice) ‘None shall pass’!
    A word of thanks also to Andrew who does the work ( and has to watch, rather than participate) as the handicapping looks pretty good. It is more of an art than science.
    Also hats off to Antonio for another winning performance, the effort and determination was plain to see.
    Of course everyone else for a good turn out and hard efforts in pretty good conditions

  4. Thanks for the comments I’ve updated the list accordingly, I think we need a photo finish as well! It’s looking good for an exciting end to the handicap season, plenty still in with a shout. Well done all & Antonio for this win.

  5. Sorted, a pb Zack?, Scott will end up being last at this rate! Do you agree with the latest update Scott..

  6. I concur with both the updated results and Howard’s comments. You do a great job with organising and getting the handicaps correct, it seems to be a tough job! Yesterday would have been quite tough as there was so many fast finishers all at one

  7. Unlucky with the time Howard, so frustrating to get so close. I am still annoyed chasing you round for the whole race, overtaking you at 150m to go, only for you to pass me again!! Ha ha

  8. Thanks Steve. I now have to ask Andrew to check whether he did not mix up our positions as well. If I finished in front of you (which I bust a gut to do) that would give me the record by 1 sec, would it not?

  9. I sent a message to Andrew to say our positions need to be reversed, can’t comment on the time though, must have been too close to split us!!

  10. No there is a black art to the timing. My logic is that if you set off 15 secs behind and finished behind your actual time can’t be 16 secs quicker than mine

  11. Congratulation to Howard J. for the new record 11:48, is just a lovely performance . Congratulation to Phil R. as well for the new record done with a brilliant run on the night Compliments to Charlotte T. still leading at the top with a consistency running at the Green Head track. Well done to everyone who took part in this race, also include our Andrew R..

  12. On the night my simpaty goes to Scott H. that led for most of the race in front of the other 4 powerful runners, sprinting to the finishing line to win , then to realize that there is another lap to do ,this has to be disappointing indeed for anyone. It happened last night and it happened just the same at the Beckett Park in Leeds years back and it will happen again in the future as well, because the 3000m are tricky to counts the laps and racing at the same moment. I would like to give to Scott H. the moral victory for our night at the track. Also Imogen W. ran strongly.

  13. Club records & handicap table have now been updated, so you can see where you all stand with 3 races to go. Lots of handicap points still available…

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