Sunday 28th September – Sutton 10k

Sunday 28th September – Sutton 10k

News of yet another win for Frank Beresford – keep ’em comin’ mister! Sutton 10k is a multi-terrain flat course at Sutton on the Forest, a few miles to the north of York, and organised by Easingwold RC.

“The course was enjoyable with parts of it taking you through the woods, fields, a derelict airstrip and countryside roads. The weather was perfect for running, and as for my race I took it reasonably easy for the first 7km (it was my 3rd race of the week). I then put in a 5.15-mile that gave me a clear lead to win the race in 34:05.

“There was a great performance from Howard Jeffrey as well, however, I am unsure yet if he won in his category or time. All in all a great race.”

Full results awaited.

9 thoughts on “Sunday 28th September – Sutton 10k

  1. Well done again Frank; not an easy course today, albeit flat, multi terrain, winding with long grass and loose stones as well as some tarmac. The 2nd and third finishers looked like seasoned racers, so a good victory.
    The organisers had made a great job of spray painting to highlight ALL the trip hazard roots and potholes through the woods ( a nice touch).
    I was aiming for sub 43 today as I was 2 minutes adrift in my age category at Wetherby a month ago with a sub 44, but felt in better shape today. Pleased to achieve 42.55 but was still 2 minutes or so adrift again. Managed a sprint finish though to re-pass a Valley Strider (my 2nd claim club) who had been running me down for 7K and passed me at 9K and thought he had it only for me to duck past him at the finish (None shall Pass!)
    The computer had stopped working so the results were a bit wooley at the announcement. Males OK, ladies results a bit confused and none of the age categories available. Hey Ho, technology! The rest of the event was spot on and results to follow.

  2. Well done Frank & Howard, & Frank,..there’ll be none of that spray painting, H & S nonsense at the Ian Hodgson relay next weekend! I’m looking forward to a hard run out…

  3. Great running gents, a really nice location and community driven event. Has my named rusted over on the shield from the inaugural running as a seven miler in those days (before metric days), Frank?

  4. Unfortunately Julian I think they have got a new shield with no names on as yet! Yes Andrew I am looking forward to running up some hills! Yes I was also amazed, every root was spray painted. I feel sorry for the person who had the job of spray painting every root, it must of taken ages ! Health and safety is defiantly getting over the top.

  5. Congratulation to Frank B. for winning the Sutton 10k with a great performance . 42:55 is an awesome time for you to achieve Howard , a solid race done with a super form at the moment , you are ready to compete at a good level, well done indeed , also I liked your comments about the technology sometimes being silly.

  6. Seems I was mis-informed on the day and actually was first M60 in 42.42 (34th). Doubly satisfying in that I won the category and I was not 2 minutes adrift after what was a hard work-out. Still await the final complete results as they have only posted the prize winners so far

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