Sunday 28th September – YVAA Cross-Country Championship

Sunday 28th September – YVAA Cross-Country Championship

Seven runners from Otley took part in this event at Nunroyd Park; Angela Srivastava, Joanna Hobson, Matt Podd, Philip Robinson, Liam Dunne, Graham Lake and Richard Hamer.

In the 10k men 35-49 race, Liam was seventh in 30:06, Graham Lake was 22nd  in 33:11 and Richard Hamer gave up*. The winner was Richard Harris (Rotherham Harriers) in 28:35.

In the 10k men 50-69 race Matt Podd was 60th (time to be confirmed). The winner was Simon Wright (Doncaster AC).

In the 5k women 35+ and men 70+ race Philip Robinson was 49th in 21:14, Joanna Hobson was 78th in 24:11 and Angela Srivastava was 84th in 25:24. The winner was Helen Berry (Holmfirth Harriers) in 15:40 and the first male was Les Haynes (Bingley Harriers) in 18:40.

* Due to a mountain bike injury.

5 thoughts on “Sunday 28th September – YVAA Cross-Country Championship

  1. I agree Graham the times look very impressive but sadly the distance was short! Still a great result & a cracking little run for us all.

  2. 60th out of 64 – oh the joy of public humiliation. Don’t think we will ever know the time, as I thing there was a ‘No! don’t press that button’ moment – probably for the best.
    Well done to all – specially Liam and I think Phil was 4th in his age. Strange running XC on dry ground and on a very hot day. Thanks to Jack, Kath and Tom for coming to laugh at us.
    Richard saved me losing a £1 to Tom by DNFing – get well soon.

  3. Dear Mr President, not at all public humiliation , you were competing with the best and strongest runners in W. Yorkshire, and it seems to me that these vet runners are a tough one to compete with, I would say that the vets have got more competitive side then the one in the West Yorkshire Cross Country. Compliments and well done to all the club members who ran this really competitive cross country.

  4. 5th in v70s (out of 9) – seems mediocre – but hey, sometimes even mediocre feels great!

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