Sunday 5th October – Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay

Sunday 5th October – Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay

Report from the hon. handicapper:

Another Autumn relay, this time on the fells surrounding the lakeland village of Patterdale. Otley first entered a team in this one back in 2003 and have completed a team every year since. Such is the popularity of the event and the limited number of entries it’s pretty much impossible for new teams to enter now, so hopefully our involvement will continue for a few more years to come.

Lisa Maughan and Caron Ralph lined up on the start line at Patterdale for the long climb to Angle tarn before the precipitous descent into the Hartsop valley, finishing with a time of 1:05:46.

The experienced hon. handicapper paired up with the novice fell runner Fast Frank for the mainly uphill second leg, covering the summit of High Street and Caudale Moor before the steep descent to Kirkstone Pass and were pleased to pass 20+ teams en-route, recording a time of 1:17:42.

Next on Leg 3 were the two Laura’s Martin & Clark. This leg starts with a super hard climb up the aptly named Red Screes, followed by some tricky navigation when the mist is down and it was, to the checkpoint near Dove Crag and one easily made error can add several minutes and unfortunately so it proved. Despite all of this they were pleased to beat the leg 4 cut-off point in a time of 1:33:14.

The Laura’s handed on to Shane Ewen and Graham Lake for the trip back to Patterdale via Hart Crag, Fairfield, Coffa Pike and St Sunday Crag.  With the mist still down on the first checkpoint, I’m sure they thought they were both in for a bit of an interesting run… but the waiting supporters at Patterdale were pleased to see them with wide smiles on their faces as they entered the playing fields pretty much in the time expected, 1:42:53.

The team finished 56th out of 70  & 6th out of 10 mixed teams,  Borrowdale FR. were first again for the umpteenth time in a row with a time of 3 hrs 39 mins 59 secs. .  See full results, splits & checkpoint timings on the sportident www here and Ian Hodgson relay details here and some good finish photos of Shane & Graham and and Borrowdale’s secret weapon, check out the pics of the first two teams, here .

13 thoughts on “Sunday 5th October – Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay

  1. A great event! Thank you andrew for navigating. I really didn’t fancy getting lost on the ridges !

  2. I had a silent laugh when all of a sudden there was that big trail of runners following on the rocky scramble and then we’d left them all on the one trickier bit to the tarn. For a second or two I thought we may have missed that checkpoint.
    A grand day out & weekend too. I reckon we were 11th on the split to High Street & I’m sure you could have been much quicker too.

  3. Cheers for organising Andrew, you and Frank over took 25 teams!
    Really enjoyed leg 4, found it easier then leg 2 if I’m honest, despite it being longer and a bit more ascent (I think). Great fun from summit of St Sundays Crag down to the finish.

  4. Nice one! Brilliant that we always have enough Black and Whites keen to take part. Hope I can get to do another one sometime.

  5. Very enjoyable and would love to try leg 1 again. Thanks for organising Andrew-its a shame we are only allowed 1 team entry

  6. Well done everyone, I kept wondering how you were getting on so I like the suggestion made on FB of runners having cameras so we can watch your progress. I’m sure you can sort that out for next year Andrew?!

  7. I don’t think it would make a riveting watch!, some mist, more mist, oh and maybe a bit more, you guessed it….
    Looking at the results again, we clearly have the potential to be close to a top 3 spot in the mixed, maybe next year.

  8. Shane, by the time we’re the same age as Borrowdale’s final leg runners, I expect us to be running leg 4 half an hour faster than this year ;o)

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