Sunday 12th October – British Standard Duathlon Championships

Sunday 12th October – British Standard Duathlon Championships

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

I went down to contest the British Standard Duathlon Championships today at Emberton Country Park just north of Milton Keynes. I took my reserve training bike as I feel a bit more secure on the road bike than the TT on 40K of open road in the early morning mist. First 10K run was accurate to within a metre the announcer said. Probably the smallest margin of error I have ever heard of in a race measure! Cool and still conditions saw me do a comfortable 41.18 (holding back for the bike and the next run). Pleased with that as it is quite the quickest for a couple of years and bodes well for Bridlington half next weekend (watch this space).

On to the bike and I did feel a bit jaded as I have upped the miles on the bike recently as that has been my weakest section. Quite an undulating course and the thick mist was cold and damp so I could feel the thighs and calves slowly seizing up as the core temperature dropped. Positions had really been established on the run so I dragged myself wearily round the last 5.2K in 25.10. Now relieved that is the last combo of any kind for this year so I can concentrate on run training.

The turnout was disappointingly low (127 finishers) which despite it being back endish to the season the venue is great. I did enter another event there which also had to be cancelled due to lack of entrants and I just don’t get it. (Maybe it’s in the name:’ Big Cow’: perhaps something more like ‘Lean Wolf’ might be more appealing). Anyway the ones who do turn up are after the medals so the competition in my category was tough although I managed 5th out of 8 and typically did the best I could manage on the day. I like the technical aspects and the sheer logistical organisation of these kind of events so feel honour bound to push hard so all in all a satisfying workout.

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  1. A good report from Milton Keynes Howard and your 41:18 is not bad at all. I would give you a medal just for competing in two discipline at the same event , has to be a hard job , sadly it is not for everybody to have that amount of stamina for Duathlon. Myself I have only left a small amount of stamina to plod to the finish line at races. Well done Howard.

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