Sunday 12th October – The Yorkshire Marathon

Sunday 12th October – The Yorkshire Marathon

Results from York, report from Andy Webster:

A small turnout from Otley AC but I think everyone was happy with their times.  The weather was foggy and cool, with the lack of wind the running conditions were perfect.

Hugh Pearson had parked his camper van 200 metres from the start which was great for pre-race changing and post race lie down!  I set of at the back of zone two, and there was a little bit of crowd congestion at the start.  Hugh was about a minute ahead of me through the start line.  I had not trained as hard as Edinburgh, and with the combination of a football injury and 4 days of beer in Amsterdam the week before, did not know what to expect, so tried to keep to 8 min miles as long as I could. Only saw Jeremy once as we passed each other at 17 and 19 miles respectively. He was looking very strong. Don’t think I really hit the wall today in the marathon which is a first.

Jeremy finished first Otley runner, I was second, followed in by Hugh, who suffered a bit in the last 10 K. Billy, Sarah, and Emma all ran well. Emma first marathon after 5 previous attempts scuppered by injury and ill health.

Would do it again, but maybe not next year as two marathons a year is a lot to psyche yourself up for! Manchester in April is the next target (after a few weeks rest).

Watch the highlights on Channel 4 here.

Otley results Jeremy Stewart, 3:10:22,  Andy Webster in 3:35:01, Hugh Pearson 3:45:11,  Sara Richard 4:17:56,  Liz Fawcett 4:22:14,  Billy Rayner 4:26:52 and Emma Jones 4:42:31, (assuming this is our Emma, as the results are missing her club details).

1st Boniface Kongin, 2:13:59, 1st Lady Shona Fletcher, Richmond & Zetland 2:43:38.  See full results here.

15 thoughts on “Sunday 12th October – The Yorkshire Marathon

  1. Actually first home for Otley was Jeremy Steward who finished in an amazing 3 hours 10 minutes 22 seconds.

    Was very happy with my results quicker than Edinburgh despite less training.

  2. Sara Richard and Liz Fawcett also finished the marathon. That was Emma’s first marathon. Great time for a novice of advanced years. I parked my motorhome in the University car park overnight and had an exhausting journey of 200meters to the start in the morning 🙂

  3. Definitely inspirational! So glad you were finally able to do it this time Emma! Fantastic results-you should all be proud of yourselves!

  4. It certainly was a painful and emotional experience. But a challenge I had set myself 2 years ago and for various reasons never made it to the start. Hence I am pretty chuffed with myself but wouldn’t and couldn’t of got there without some brilliant support inspiration and belief . … Desperate for London !!!!

  5. I agree with all the positive comments so far ,well run everybody, and Emma J. to run her first marathon under the 5 hours is really a good input for her racing again another one, maybe the London Marathon.

  6. Yep .It was a great experience,good cameraderie amongst runner ,I swapped emails with Julie from Acomb runners after having ran about 10 miles together.Good to see Emma sara hugh and Andy en route .Jeremy must have been too fast even for me to see on a swsitch back.Ths crowds and bands were great too.My hair dressers daughter had her whole cheer leading group supporting her !Well done every body ,I cant believe Emma is already contemplating another after the agony I ve been in this week and the long hours of training.

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