Saturday 18th October – Bridlington Half Marathon

Saturday 18th October – Bridlington Half Marathon

Report from Howard Jeffrey: Anyone reading my race report last week will have seen the note to watch this space for a potential good time at Bridlington Half.

Yeh well…it’s like totally … whatever!

I thought I was not even going to make the start, as on Wednesday and Thursday I was banjaxed with a volcanic cough. Went to the doctors on Friday who listened to the lungs and declared them clear.. yeh right!

Anyway I felt reasonable on Saturday and since the forecast was for warm sun Jacque came along to provide moral (and physical if I needed it at the end) support.

Last week thought I could do 1.30, at the start lowered the expectations to 1.35. Managed a sub 1.40 (just) having settled for a 7.30 ish pace at mile 2 and kept it up to long drag back along the front from mile 11.5.

Seafront in October is bound to be a bit breezy but I think hurricane Godzilla (or some-such) had arrived and it was lean forward at an acute angle (not to be obtuse) and claw your way to the finish.

On the upside another hard training run in the bag and a great day out. It is a great race and I recommend it.

Not sure if any Otley compatriots were there and clueless about the results which are to follow. .. here. The race was won by James Bulman, New Marske Harriers, in 1:13:37. Ist lady was Helen Cross, Pocklington Runners, in 1:23:22. Howard came 94th in 1:39:27.


4 thoughts on “Saturday 18th October – Bridlington Half Marathon

  1. Well Done Howard. That drag back in from Sewerby ? hall, when you can see the finish miles in the distance is a hard grind, and it’s always into the wind. That said this is a great race

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