Sunday 19th October – WYXC League Wakefield

Sunday 19th October – WYXC League Wakefield

An excellent start to the cross country season for Otley, with Frank and Scott finishing in the top 10, which I think must be the first time that’s ever happened.  The warm Autumn sunshine and next to no mud made for fast running from the leaders with only a couple of hills on each  lap and strong wind slowing them a little.

After Hugh’s juniors had taken part in the early races, Caron Ralph was the sole representative in the senior ladies 5.75k race and ran strongly throughout to finish 49th 28:20 in the field of 80 won by Claire Duck, Leeds City 21:20.

Just after Caron crossed the finish line, the senior men set off for our 5 lap, 10k course,  Frank was soon to the fore at the head of the field chasing hard and held on as long as possible.  The last lap saw Scott closing in on Frank finishing 8 seconds behind.  The hon. handicapper was happy with a 25th place, battling it out with a host of old rivals I’ve been racing for many a year.  Shane, Richard and Sean made up the team that finished 9th and Antonio ran well and enjoyed his favourite course.  I’m hoping that we’ll manage to finish a team in each of the next 3 races which are all very local too.

Results: 1st Simon Deakin, Leeds City 32:59, 6th Frank Beresford 35:10,  8th Scott Harrington 35:18,  25th Andrew Robertshaw 37:24,  54th Shane Ewen 39:59,  127th Richard Hamer 47:10,  163rd Sean O’Halloran 1:01:06,  164th Antonio Cardinale 1:01:38, (although I think this time is very generous),  & will not to be used as a guide for next weeks handicap!  For full results checkout the West Yorkshire Athletics site here.


9 thoughts on “Sunday 19th October – WYXC League Wakefield

  1. Great running by all the OAC family taking part today against the best local of talent. It was a tough re-introduction to cross country, having not done it since school. As for the handicap next week, The times seam correct to me, I was only 30sec in front of Antonio ;/

  2. Three juniors competed as well. Erin Fuller and Suzy Lupton in the Girls under 11 and Will O’Neil in the Boys under 13. All did very well in quality fields and Erin and Suzy would have done even better if they hadn’t been gossiping on the way around 🙂

  3. obviously take after their mothers 😉 erin does however deny this accusation but im not so sure given she made up a lot of places in the second half!! very impressive times all round for seniors and the juniors despite the (alledged) chatting!

  4. Oh they were definately chatting, Suzy had a sudden burst of speed when I shouted her to get a move on at the end and made up two places within seconds. I think I need to have a word with her about race tactics!

  5. Well done to Caron R. for coming down to Wakefield to race between strong competitors with a solid performance. Also Scott H. was strong on this 5 laps course ,and Andrew R. was super on the day. Well done everyone. Yes I admit that Sean O. was faster then me .

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