Saturday 25th October – The ‘Colin Best’ Calverley Handicap

Saturday 25th October – The ‘Colin Best’ Calverley Handicap

The recent birth of a calf provided a bit of pre-race drama at  Colin’s Calverley handicap as some other runners out on a training run were very concerned at the state of the mother.  Soon after Ian had set off on scratch and a visit by the farmer she was back on her feet chewing on the grass, so panic over, or maybe it was a visit by Andy W that was the reason for the rapid recovery!

After saving the mother cow from her near death experience, Andy sprinted hard in the final few metres to snatch victory from Sean with Nicola in a clear third.  Running the course for the first time, it was hardly a surprise that Ian recorded the fastest time with a new course record.  Sean and Andy move to the top of the table on 143 and 133 points respectively, Charlotte dropping to third on 131.  See the full table here.  The next one is the 5 miler at Weeton on 29th November.  Thanks to Colin for marking the route, due a better handicap next time honest…

Time H’Cap Net Time Pts
1 Andy Wester 49:42 15:00 34:42 15
2 Sean O’Halloran 49:44 06:00 43:44 14
3 Nicola Lee 50:12 12:00 38:12 13
4 Antonio Cardinale 50:55 00:00 50:55 12
5 Julian Mawson 51:32 22:00 29:32 11
6 Ian Fisher 51:44 24:30 27:14 10
7 Dominic Egan 51:56 13:00 38:56 9
8 Kath Robertshaw 52:14 03:00 49:14 8
9 Phil Robinson 52:31 12:00 40:31 7
10 Steve Robinson 52:34 19:00 33:34 6
11 David Cattanach 52:43 06:00 46:43 5
12 Nick Hodgkinson 53:08 06:00 47:08 4
13 Toni Midgley 53:36 06:00 47:36 3
14 Colin Best 55:07 12:00 43:07 2

One thought on “Saturday 25th October – The ‘Colin Best’ Calverley Handicap

  1. Congratulation to Andy W. for winning at the Colin Best’s Calverley handicap race with a superb sprint finish. Compliments as well to Sean for leading now the Eric Smith Trophy, it is hard now for anyone to move him away, from the top of the table. It is good to see Ian Fisher run the Championship doing the new race record. Well done everybody as well Andrew R. and Colin B. for marking the course really well with flour.

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