Sunday 26th October: Bradford 10k

Sunday 26th October: Bradford 10k

Report from Liam:

I drove over to Bradford today for the Bradford city10K, giving a lift to Tom and Toni Midgley, This was one of many races happening in and around Bradford city centre this morning. There was a short kids’ race to start proceedings before the half marathon runners were sent on their way at 9.40am and 10 mins later the 10K and 5K runners were sent off together. The race was made up of 5K laps with the 10k runners going around twice and the half runners doing 4 laps and a bit.

Announcements just before the start were non existent and the runners at the front were given a few mins start warning before we set off. It wasn’t by any stretch of the imagination a pb course, It was undulating and breezy with a few long climbs, sharp corners and plenty of back markers from the half marathon to contend with, if it wasn’t for the vocal cords of myself and Tom on occasion, we could have been badly slowed up.

Soon after the start Tom and myself were running shoulder to shoulder and were disputing the lead for the 10K race. I knew there was nothing in it as Tom has been running really well recently and I felt like I was coming back to form after a poor summer. With less than a mile to go we u-turned on the road and Tom seemed to slingshot himself around the turn and took a lead of a few yards. I just didn’t have it in the legs to respond on the day and Tom went on to win by approx. 8 seconds. So, well done to him as he owed me that one!

After the event we were both interviewed by reporters from the local Bradford City Radio station before being chaperoned onto the stage to have a chat with the race commentator. We then went back out on the course before the presentation to shout on OAC’s Frank Beresford who was running the half marathon, and sure enough it wasn’t long before the man himself, who is getting very accustomed to winning, appeared at the front of the race with a few corners to go.

Overall, it was a fairly low-key event but there was plenty of support around the streets of Bradford for this relatively new event. It’s a challenging course as road races go. Although it’s in its infancy it could be a much bigger and more popular event, but I think it requires some fine adjusting to get the small but important things right.

Toni Midgley was our only OAC supporter and photographer out on the course and it was also nice to get a shout out from the treasurer, Ian Broadbent, who passed us in the opposite direction whilst doing the half marathon (Where was your OAC vest Ian?) We also passed 2nd claimer Tom Potter coming into the finish who was also running the Half marathon. Awaiting official times but I believe Tom M finished in 35.30, I was 35.08 and Frank won in 75+mins. Stephen Boddy ran in the 5k event.  ‘Twas a good day out for Otley AC.


7 thoughts on “Sunday 26th October: Bradford 10k

  1. I work in Bradord and ran this with a couple of lads from work. Have to say it gave me great pride to see two Otley lads coming first and second in the 10k followed by Frank winning the half. The effort you fast lads put in is greatly appreciated.

  2. Well done to everyone who took part, Liam that explains why you came past me at that speed – didn’t realise you were doing the 10k. My little one puked on my vest, as much as I love her I wasn’t running in that

  3. Thanks Stephen and well done on you 18th place finish. I wonder if there is a team prize?
    You’re off the hook this time Ian!

  4. Liam, Tom. Really good result and very close, reflects training runs! Think the hard miles are paying off.

  5. Congratulation Liam ,to win in Bradford it is good indeed it is an awesome victory inside a big city that is worth more. Well done also to Tom M. for the excellent second place behind Liam, and compliments to all the others members who took part at this city event.

  6. After all according to the official results the winner at the Bradford 10k is Tom M. congratulation to him for the beautiful victory and indeed it is a win for Tom M. is worth much more because it has been achieved in a big city. Compliments to Liam for the 2 place that still is a brilliant performance , well done you two.

  7. Good effort all of you in doing so well in these two races. Well done Tom and Frank for the wins, and I hope Ian’s vest washes OK!

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