Sunday 26th October: Wistow 10K

Sunday 26th October: Wistow 10K

Report from Howard Jeffrey: The Wistow 10 K has evolved from the Selby Half to the Wistow 10 Mile to the Wistow 10K. The common factor being the flat terrain and the wind against you. The race was won by Nathan Baker, only 16 of Middlesbrough AC in 33.49. First lady Nicola Bettis, Selby Striders in 41.20. Flying the colours for Otley were Mark Hall in overall 5th in an impressive 34.59 and first O/50; Richard Smith a creditable 16th in 37.38 and in 55th position in 43.15 yours truly. They lumped all the over 50’s into one category and they constituted 51 out of the 190 finishers which at more than a quarter of the field is not very expansive. There is a photo of us at the finish somewhere that Richard may provide to prove I did not make it all up. Full results on Selby Striders site

And from Mark: The race is flat and on a less windy would be a PB course, however, the strong winds resulted in slower times. There were 3 OAC runners. Mark Hall 5th, 34.59 (1st V50) 16th Richard Smith, 37.38, 55th Howard Jefferies (1st V60) Winner Nathan Baker, 33.49 (16yrs old!) Middlesbrough.

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  1. Mark that was a brilliant run 34.59 in 5th what a runner you are , only 1:10 from the 16 years old Nathan B. well done indeed. Richard S. did a strong race with 37:38 that is good, also Howard J. with 43:15 did not bad at all if you consider as well the strong wind that was pushing you back.

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