Saturday 8th November – Burley Moor Run

Saturday 8th November – Burley Moor Run

Report from the President Matt Podd:

Just back from this, and luckily we beat the rain this year. 7 miles and 850 ft of ascent, from Scalebor Park and up onto the moor, for a circuit of the Burley end of the moor before going back the way you came out. Almost a fell race with some rough and steep stuff – lovely and muddy on the moor today. Lots of Black and Whites out – to many to mention, but the race was won by Dan Wilkinson of Ilkley with Sam Stell second (as was mentioned at the start,  this man is doing more racing since recently becoming a father). Laura Martin was first woman followed Laura Clark , so a one two for the club. Well done to all who raced (Lisa doing this on the back of an Ultra) and the Robertshaws for their support around the course. I found the first half tough, but then got into my stride and had a fine battle to just beat Adela.

A good morning out. Results:  1st Dan Wilkinson 46:09, (a course record), 2nd Sam Stell 46:49, 6th Rogan Ashton 49:54,  9th Jon Greenwell 52:55,  24th & 1st lady, Laura Martin 57:19,  26th & 2nd Lady Laura Clark 58:37,  103rd Matt Podd 1:05:46,  Liz Fawcett 1:08:01,   113th Lisa Maughan 1:13:43,  141st Laura Liddell 1:26:44,  146th Antonio Cardinale 1:31:13.

Photos on the Burley Festival Twitter page here and on the Woodentops www here.

4 thoughts on “Saturday 8th November – Burley Moor Run

  1. Well done all, especially Sam, the 2 Laura’s & Lisa racing again just 6 days after a 30 miler!

  2. Congratulations to Laura M. for the victory of Burley run with a super performance. Also Laura L. after a steady start , she went off on the second part of the course with a super stride until the finish line. Well done to everybody who took part at this local but hard race. Thank you to Jack and Kath Robertshaws for the encouragement along the route.

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