Runner of the Month for October 2014

Runner of the Month for October 2014

Shared between Liam – ah ah, ladies first; Sara Richard and Liam Dunn. Sara took part in the Harewood Trail Race, the Horsforth 10k and the Yorkshire Marathon, finishing in 4:17:56 and beating Liz Fawcett, Billy and Emma Jones in the process; before beginning this month with the White Rose Ultra.

As for Liam, only two races in October; the Bradford 10k, where he came second to September’s runner of the Month Tom Midgley. Liam also took part in the Punchestown 10k, near Dublin, while in Ireland for a wedding; and in his own words: “This was a bit naughty as it meant I missed the church service but made it in perfect time for (the best bit!) the wedding reception in Galway”. Tut tut!

Congratulations to both, and we mustn’t forget a special commendation for Frank Beresford who had another busy – and successful – month.

9 thoughts on “Runner of the Month for October 2014

  1. It is good indeed to see Liam D. awarded the Runner of the Month , well deserved, especially for his powerful consistency , although Liam ,did not ran the half- marathon and as well Liam, did not beat his dear friend Tom M. It was Tom M. who won the race in Bradford after all. Well done to Sara R. for the good running.

  2. Well done to both, great running guys.

    For the record Liam didn’t race Bradford Half. He raced Bradford 10k and finished second to Tom Midge.
    Frank won the half

  3. Well done difficult to split so share is good. Probably not the place to propose but as the RoM has been ‘shared’ by a Male and Female on consequtive months and we have no shortage of candidates for each. Why not have both….like forever????

  4. Well done to Liam and Shara. Liam also did well in the cross country last weekend and is running well in training.

  5. Both well deserved. Liam, apart from his excellent running, was awarded for all the work he does getting people out training and racing. Sara for being a running machine

  6. I think Liam really deserves ROM he always races well and contributes a lot to the road racing side of OAC through organising training and events such as the 6 stage relays. Liam, hope these kind words will mean you take pity on this OAP during training runs!

  7. Thanks folks for the kind comments. It’s nice to get RoM award especially with the recent number of club members competing so well from week to week on all levels. The job to choose RoM seems to getting more difficult and a few people who are equally deserving spring to mind. I think Howard may have made a very good point. Sorry Mark, I’m not taking pity on someone who constantly drops me in training!

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