Saturday 15th November – Harriers v Cyclists

Saturday 15th November – Harriers v Cyclists

Report from the Hon. Handicapper.

This is one local fell race, (5.3 miles / 945ft),  I’ve watched several times, but never run actually raced.  Several Otley members I lined up at the bottom of the steep farm field adjacent to the Leeds-Liverpool canal near the Fisherman’s Inn, Bingley.  The race goes through a couple of muddy farm fields, on to Shipley Glen, the summit of Baildon moor, a loop round the summit and back to the popular spectator spot at the road crossing. From there it’s the reverse of the first couple of miles back to the finish.   The slippery conditions were to the advantage of the runners with the 1st 10 counting, the harriers scored 93 to the cyclist 142.  A top event all round, well worth giving a go.

1st overall (cycle) was Rob Jebb, 35:43, followed by Andy Peace (c).  1st harrier in 3rd was Andy Brown and first lady (harrier) was Victoria Wilkinson 40:07, all Bingley H.  1st for Otley was Bob Addey, (c), 6th in 38:33, followed by Sam Stell (h) 11th 39:40, myself 12th 39:53, 67th Andy Hunt 47:06, 104th Laura Clark 49:47,  160th Bob Baker 56:08,  161st Caron Ralph 56:33,  202nd Lisa Maughan 1:03:19,  215th Don Buffham 1:09:45 and 225th Antonio Cardinale 1:24:18.  Richard Hamer dnf’d on his mountain bike after a few falls causing bike & injury problems.  

As ever lots of photos on woodentops here, full results here, a race history & videos here and one for 2014 here, stick it out till the end for a few good falls & Antonio.

7 thoughts on “Saturday 15th November – Harriers v Cyclists

  1. Well done all. I’ve never done this race, but it looks mad. Do runners give way to cyclists, the opposite, or is it just a free for all?
    Nice Photo’s on woodentops and proof that the Hunt lives.
    How many times has Rob J won this?

  2. All very polite Pres. Podd. Cyclists continually yell out “cyclist left, right ir behind you” and no collisions-maybe a couple of falls over handlebars though!

  3. Lots of times, I’m sure pretty much every time Rob’s done it he’s won it, I struggled to beat him up the first steep climb from the start line even carrying a bike! managed to keep up to the top of the first climb out of the Glen, then he disappeared into the distance. Some good hard climbs, fast descents, not too technical & a drag of a hill near the end to test the stamina.

  4. This race was fun! I had a bit of a battle with a cyclist who kept over taking me on the down hills shouting “biker”, so every time I overtook him on the up hills I shouted “runner”! I’m pleased to say I beat him in the end 🙂

    There were some very large cyclists out there including some who shouldn’t be allowed within 10 metres of lycra, especially the one with the see-through bum panel!

  5. This looks mad but well done everybody for taking on & beating the cyclists – brilliant job! Really enjoyed the video & fortunately didn’t see the see-through Lycra!!!

  6. I can confirm quite a few crashed, and not just me. One was really early on – just before the concrete railway sleeper road. I stopped to help the woman up but when she did get up she gave the person she collided with a mouthful: “What the **** were you doing, didn’t you ****ing see me you ****ing idiot?” I decided she was okay so rode off. Don’t think the pair of them finished; probably in casualty after a punch up.

  7. Poor Richard ,he just kept falling with his bike,indeed he had a bad day, the first fall was just after the start , I could see him falling badly, afterwards I met several time Richard on the course , asking him he was all right. It was a foggy day with loads of mud on the footpaths , it was hard running ,worse for the cyclist. Well done to all the members who ran this unique race, especially my friend Don B. ran really well , and also Caron R. had a solid performance on this challenging terrain.

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