Sunday 16th November – Abbey Dash

Sunday 16th November – Abbey Dash

Report from Jamil Parapia: The Abbey Dash 2014 was the last in the Run Britain series and unbeknownst to me was actually the English 10k Championship. This would explain the very strong field that it attracted. The rain had eased by the time people arrived in Leeds although this left slippery conditions on the roads and pavements leading to Kirkstall and back. From a personal point of view this was a return to the Abbey Dash after an absence of 7 years so I was intrigued to see how it had grown to a gargantuan race attracting nearly 10,000 runners. To be part of an event of such enormity is quite inspiring. Apart from Mike Burrett of Leeds City who finished just ahead of me I barely knew any of the elite men.

The Abbey Dash tactics are quite simple. Try and run the same pace for about 9500m, including negotiating the ridiculous leg through the Vue cinema village and a 360 degree turn in the middle of the road. If you have mananged not to trip over the other thousands of participants, unleash a final push over the “hill” and collapse on the line with hopefully a personal or season best. There were fine performances from a number of Otley runners including bests for Richard Smith, Nicola Lee, Sara Elliott, Ann Yeadon and Toni Midgley and 2nd claimer Tom Potter. Tom Midgely also equalled his lifetime best. Well done to all.


Full Results and Photos. And all-round impressive OtleyAC results:

Jamil Parapia          00:31:45    95th
Frank Beresford      00:32:44    144th
Thomas Midgley     00:34:20    256th
Liam Dunne             00:34:36    275th
Julian Mawson        00:35:30    348th
Robin Outtersides 00:35:33 352nd
Richard Smith         00:36:01    390th
Graham Lake           00:37:03    496th
Tom Potter(2nd claim)   00:37:20    516th
Jon Greenwell          00:37:23    519th
Howard Jeffrey         00:41:27    1154th
Stephen Boddy         00:43:35    1593th
Andrew Webster        00:44:47    1937th
Andrew Rayner        00:47:06    2565th
John Cowan              00:47:08    2572nd
Nicola Lee                 00:47:17    2625th
Sara Elliott                00:47:20    2645th
Nick Leathley           00:47:59    2834th
Melvin Hoare           00:49:31    3353rd
Ann Yeadon              00:51:52    4130th
Charlotte Tomlinson  00:52:23    4325th
Tom Hannah              00:52:29    4354th
Laura Hind                 00:52:58    4498th
Reid Haddow             00:54:13    4961st
Toni Midgley             00:57:05    5969th
Lucy Mowat               00:58:39    6496th
Lisa Rigby                  01:17:37    9297th

13 thoughts on “Sunday 16th November – Abbey Dash

  1. Top effort Jamil & of course everyone else too, good to see so many competing this weekend in the various events on offer.

  2. By heck, were to start! You all do the club and me proud – well done to everyone. You all obviously ran your best races, some very fast times, loads under 40 mins (I dream of this). Lots of people running their first big race – well done all, I hope you all have good memories. And then dark horse Jamil – superb time, very near your pb.
    A great weekend for the club in a huge range of races.

  3. Hope you all enjoyed the race as much as I did. I think the conditions (and route) were perfect and some stand out times. Awesome competition in that the first 13 were under 30 minutes and the first two ladies were internationals Twell and McColgen and more than 9500 finishers. That is more than 20 times more than the first time I did it in1987! It is now voted 9th most popular 10K in the country apparently and Abbey Runners deserve a compliment from Otley AC on the organisation methinks

  4. And missed a complement earlier, Howard, 5th in your category too, in a race of such standard ain’t too bad either me thinks.

  5. Thanks Andrew. There were 123 in my category and I was third across the line, which in a race is what counts. 5th is by chip time so I was 1 second behind 3rd and 5 seconds behind 4th so I would have relished a race to the line. Chip timing is good for the times and although I had hoped to get around 40 minutes (where 2nd was) not that fit yet.The category was won in 36 minutes (which is great) so still some training to do. On the major plus side local category rivals were minutes behind unless the sheer numbers affected them. The moral being don’t give people a head start. All in all a satisfying day even though there were more than 1100 in front!!! (Plenty more behind though!!!)

  6. All -round impressive results indeed, well done everybody, especially Jamil P. with a beautiful 31:45 that is great running, also Howard J. with 41:27 did a strong performance , and Andrew Rayner with 47: 06 ran a solid 10k, and the Lisa R. had a good day running in this popular race in Leeds.

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