Saturday 22nd November – West Yorks. Cross Country Race 3

Saturday 22nd November – West Yorks. Cross Country Race 3

Report from the hon. handicapper.

The third race in the league took place round the muddy fields next to Cliffe Castle in Keighley.  The mud together with a steep climb on each large lap made it tough going, although the distance was a little less than usual, at approx 6.5 k for the senior men’s race.

Caron Ralph was off first for the seniors and ran well finishing 62nd in 26:14.  Katie Walshaw glided over the mud to win the race by half a minute or so in 18:27.

The seniors men’s race was four large laps, finishing with a shorter lap of the flatter section of the course.  The hill on the larger lap was split into a couple of zigzag climbs and after a short section after the climb,  the trickiest part of the course was negotiating a right hand turn, against the camber of the slope and there were several falls here.  I was surprised to finish 18th, 27:08,  behind Frank Beresford’s excellent run for 5th, 24:49.  Antonio Cardinale did amazingly well to stay on his feet all the way round running in his road shoes! finishing 147th 45:53.  Unfortunately the road works on the Bingley bypass caused Ian & Shane to turn back as it was pretty much gridlock through Bingley and Riddlesden.   The 3rd different winner in this season’s races was Dominic Easter, Leeds City, 24:05.  See full results here.  Cross country good for the soul? see report from Saturday’s race in the Guardian here.




4 thoughts on “Saturday 22nd November – West Yorks. Cross Country Race 3

  1. What a shame that Ian Fisher and Shane could not make it to the start line because of the traffic on the roads. Ian won this cross country more then 10 years ago , and it was as well the last time we were in this place, I remember well that although Ian fell down on the ground while overlapping me ,he was so in front of the other runners that he won just as well, what a runner . Also is a shame for Shane because he was running strongly in the last races. In the muddy , indeed muddy fields Caron R. was the only Otley AC’s woman to challenge a competitive fields, to finish with a brilliant 26.14. Frank B. had a strong performance with a splendid 5th , and Andrew R. had a solid run with a really good 27:08. Thank you to Mark H. kath and Jack R. for the encouragement , especially when I we were struggling on the slopes to keep the balance and carry on running.

  2. I’m disappointed I couldn’t make it, but there was no way I was going to get to the start line in time. And when I got home I got a message from a friend who’s excited son was coming over to collect the Go-Kart I built for him around 3.30/4pm. It was mean’t to be I suppose.
    Still, this was part of my double wammy weekend as I ran Barnsley 10k after entering mid-week. I felt awful with a cold. My GPS lost it’s signal so no finishing time. Not as fast as last Wednesday’s training run, but run well within my ability to finish 4th in a personally unrecorded 32.52. How do you write proper reports on here as I want to blow my trumpet, as it’s been a while haha.

  3. Yes when won this race last time while falling over on a steep camber at the top. I was sporting a blonde barnet with a Beckham mo-hawk. Boy, did I look good.

  4. Compliments for your 32.52 done in Barnsley 10k , a good results although you were not at your best because of the cold . Yes Ian I still got old newsletters from around 2002 with your picture with blonde ,very blonde look doing the Harrogate league , as well that year you were racing in London and saw you on the BBC 1 and I spotted you straight away on the screen because of your very blonde style.

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