Sunday 23rd November – Barnsley 10k

Sunday 23rd November – Barnsley 10k

Anyone remember Ian Fisher? Well he’s been trotting around Barnsley; didn’t do too bad either. He’s got potential.

Barnsley 10k was my first proper open race this year; I really have gone off the radar! I entered this last Wednesday or Thursday night after storming run over where I live, and I thought why not do this? It’s only six miles and the cross country the day before won’t effect me. But in the end I missed the XC through road closures and other hold ups just after Bingley despite setting off around 12.30pm. I had a gut instinct I wasn’t going to make it, sadly. I did win that race last time, but with a blonde look for London Marathon purposes.

Barnsley 10k has been around a while and until now I never considered doing it. I woke up feeling a cold coming on, but I thought I can’t miss another, so off I went.

Lining up on a slippery muddy field before running up a narrow path at the start was unusual. A steady start, I felt. I was in the front group and was fourth place within the first mile, I think. There was a climb a bit further where a Barnsley runner overtook, but I got him at the top. From there my position stayed the same.

The two African leaders were always in sight with the race favourite who dropped off and kept third position. I tried to speed up, but I feeling light headed so just ran the race well within myself just to finish. I was having problems getting a GPS signal so just used the timer which switched off sometime during the run as I discovered. It was only afterwards that the fifth placer did 33 something? Nothing like the pace I did a few days earlier, but it was nice to compete again.


4 thoughts on “Sunday 23rd November – Barnsley 10k

  1. Your report from the Barnsley 10k is quite good to read and it is interesting , and yes it is a shame that nowadays you are not racing like you used to because you are a competitor indeed , not many around like you. Your race in Barnsley was a strong one in a quite competitive fields. Well done Ian.

  2. Always good to see Ian’s name in the results. Even after a ‘resting’ phase manages a top 5 finish in under 33.00 at V/40 excellent.
    Was it Shakespear that wrote ‘I’ll be back’?… and the King is

  3. I agree with you Howard… Ian Fisher is back for the good of running in West Yorkshire , I wish indeed ,because he could be a super V/40 with a formidable competitiveness that our running club needs for future racing.

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