Saturday 29th November – Weeton Handicap

Saturday 29th November – Weeton Handicap

Nicola was  a clear winner in the penultimate handicap of the year ahead of Tom Hannah and first timer Eriks. Tom Lynch setting off last with John recorded the fastest time of the day.  Sean retains his lead at the top of the table on 145 points, one point ahead of Charlotte, followed by Dominic 140, Andy Webster and Nicola both on 139, see the full table on the handicap page here.

The final race of the year is the traditional Ken Dixon Christmas handicap with the road loop round Timble and a circuit of Swinsty reservoir on Sunday 21st December.

Time H’Cap Net Time Points
1 Nicola Lee 47:04 09:00 38:04 16
2 Tom Hannah 48:19 06:00 42:19 15
3 Eriks Zvaigzne 48:24 10:00 38:24 14
4 Charlotte Tomlinson 48:34 07:00 41:34 13
5 Dominic Egan 48:38 10:00 38:38 12
6 Richard Hamer 48:42 07:00 41:42 11
7 Jackie Ackroyd 49:04 09:00 40:04 10
8 Ursula McGouran 49:09 09:00 40:09 9
9 David Fox 49:20 10:00 39:20 8
10 Phil Robinson 49:31 08:00 41:31 7
11 Andy Webster 49:38 13:00 36:38 6
12 Kath Robertshaw 49:39 01:00 48:39 5
13 Antonio Cardinale 49:57 00:00 49:57 4
14 Tom Lynch 50:07 16:00 34:07 3
15 Sean O’Halloran 50:52 06:00 44:52 2
16 John Armitstead 52:00 16:00 36:00 1

9 thoughts on “Saturday 29th November – Weeton Handicap

  1. well run everyone;

    the handicap table now looks tight at the top – so the person with the most difficult challenge in next month’s ken dixon will be our handicapper…

    best of luck andrew!

  2. I have every faith in Andrew to do his usual great job. I am always amazed just how close the finishes are.
    Anyone who wins has usually had a good strong run on the day…so well done Nicola.
    8 others within a minute in around 40 minutes is pretty good predicting.

  3. A very enjoyable first experience of an OAC handicap race. The friendly atmosphere and Andrew’s skill at ensuring a close finish made this an excellent way to spend a morning.

  4. A difficult challenge indeed, a quote from who?, perfect phrase for a handicapper.. “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”. Well run Nicola top effort, I’m looking forward to seeing who prevails at the Ken Dixon.

  5. Thanks for all the nice comments – I had a good day! Well done to everyone that took part. I wouldn’t want to be in Andrew’s shoes, but whatever happens it’s been fun!

  6. Congratulation to Nicola L. for winning at Weeton ,and compliments for Sean for leading at the top of the table the Eric Smith’s Championship. Well done to all the members who took part at this handicap race, especially Ursula M. for her strong come back to racing and Tom H. did as well a solid run on the day , also David F. had a good day running until the gentle uphill to the finish line .

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