Saturday 6th December – Frostbite Ultra

Saturday 6th December – Frostbite Ultra

Neil Charlton reports:

Why is it that after months of injury free running, when a big race comes along, I have the remnants of a cold?

Thinking I could ‘hang on’ for 30 miles of tough Nidderdale trail and fell I turned up for the Frotbite 30 only to be told that due to a course change it was now the Frostbite 34 with an extra fell involved. There was a 10 mile loop south of Patley Bridge and then a 24 mile loop north.

So I started well feeling ok. The weather was clear and crisp with a nice frost hardening the mud to make it fairly easy going. After a steady first 10 I was still feeling ok and went into the big loop feeling strong. I overtook a few runner’s who had powered past me in the opening 10 thinking I might just be able to get a good time.

All was well until Middlesmoor and the biggest climb of the day. The wind started blowing hard and the mist and rain rolled in. So with the hat and gloves and waterproof top on a pressed up the moor. There were plenty of people walking at this point and the elements made it really tough. This weather continued on like this until about 28 miles where my body decided it had had enough of running into the wind and rain. I had nothing left in my legs and it felt like the cold was coming back and then some!

I passed the last checkpoint determined not to pack it in, and I was determined at least to finish and walked the last 6 miles or so. About 30 people must have passed me in this last bit.

I didn’t get a great time compared to some of the other longer races earlier this year, but I’m glad I finished it. I’ll classify this as good training and a nice day out on a beautiful route.

Results not out yet.

3 thoughts on “Saturday 6th December – Frostbite Ultra

  1. I agree with Sean and as well with our club’s President Matt P. it is a tough race, to be run in the future and you ran really well although you had to walk the last 6 miles until the finish line , merit to you that you did not pull out when you were really tired. Well done Neil, not easy race at all , I would say a you did an achievement.

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