Sunday 7th December – Guys 10

Sunday 7th December – Guys 10

Report from Howard Jeffrey: for the Guys 10 & the Leeds Hyde Park run.

Yes it’s time for the weekend supplement from travelling race correspondent ‘Ono Notimagen’

I woke before the lark on Saturday morning and was on the road back from Bath at 3.00am. Got home at 7.00 am and because I had not done all the training planned in the week I decided to get the legs turning over at a Park run. Lovely sunny morning at Hyde Park in Leeds although a bit fresh! Happy enough with 20.30 and only Otley AC participant.

That was the precursor to the Guys 10 near Garstang/Preston. I did it in 2011 and just got under 70 minutes so was aiming for the same today. The weather was foreboding on the way over the Pennines, black clouds and heavy showers with scary gusts of wind. Forecast was for dry with sun and sure enough by the start it was clear because the wind had driven away the clouds!! Obviously needed to average under 7 minute miles to hit the target but went through mile one in 7.15 oops!

A couple of miles in there was a bit of fun with a loose horse that decided to show us all how fast you could run if you had four legs and massive hind quarters. Could have been dodgy and disrupted a few runners who were trying to catch the lead rope but were just scaring it more. Half a ton of horseflesh running scared is a thing to be far far away from; not a confined, crowded, slippery country lane where the rest of the ‘herd’ is running away from an unknown danger!!!

Thankfully he pulled into his home farm yard at about mile 3 no harm done….no staying power!!

The wind in our faces meant at halfway it was 35.36. Not too far adrift and chance of a tailwind so still hopeful. At 7 miles I picked out a couple of targets in front to run down and passed the first one at 9 miles and the second just in front of the line ( he ran round a giant puddle; I went through it!) in …….1.09.57……. (Yes!!) 84th out of 348, 6th in o/60 (it is always tough in Lancashire). The race was won by Gary Pennington of Preston Harriers in 54.46. First Lady Hannah Oldroyd (18th place) in 1.01.11 a UK net runner (is that a club or a website?) Sole B&W at this one. Full results : Garstang Running Club here.

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  1. I agree fully with Andrew R. it was a solid performance, I do not know how you do it ,your consistency to run at such strong going is awesome, 1hour and 9 minutes for a 10m is brilliant indeed ,like your reports are really good . Well done Howard.

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