Sunday 7th December- Stockport 10

Sunday 7th December- Stockport 10

Report from Frank Beresford.

The Stockport 10 mile race takes runners through the streets and paths of Stockport. The race starts and finishes on the athletics track that is home to Stockport Harriers. The course is described as a road race, however there are about two miles of trail on the course and a couple of hefty hills for the runner to enjoy. The weather was cold and during the first two miles it rained heavily with moments of hail, keeping runners refreshed!

At Stockport 10 mile I was the sole runner representing the Black and Whites. I arrived to the race well rested, for a change and ready to run. The race started very fast which can be expected with the quality of runners that where in the field. I kept with the leading group up until the 3rd mile, where I decided to lay of the gas to avoid early burn out. It was a wise decision as I continued to run comfortably yet hard throughout the remainder of the race. I managed to overtake a runner in a sprint finish which I am rarely able to achieve, showing the hard training is paying off. My time was 54.24 minutes which is took off 1 minute 35 seconds of my PB. I feel I can still improve on this further, as I did not feel particularly tired considering I managed to get a PB. For me now a couple days off before I attack the training again, to improve further.

The Stockport 10 mile race was very well organised, well marshalled and the goody bags provided for all the runners where superb. I will be running this race next year and would recommend this race every runner.

1st Andrew Davies, Stockport H 50:25.  1st Lady Ali Lavender, Oswestry 58:12.  Frank Beresford 8th 54:24.  Full results now available here.

5 thoughts on “Sunday 7th December- Stockport 10

  1. Great running Frank. Stockport 10 is quite a tough course even though you like hills. Sub 5.30’s for 10 miles is excellent and a good PB. I agree more to come surely.

  2. Nice one Frank. I think some hard winter training will have you set up nicely for a full season next year. Lean on the ‘senior members’ for advice, and planning the right events, and you’ll go far.

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