Sunday 21st December – Ken Dixon Christmas Handicap

Sunday 21st December – Ken Dixon Christmas Handicap

The President took the honours at this year’s Ken Dixon, overtaking Antonio in the final track up to the finish and holding off Scott by 10 seconds.  The conditions were probably best described as reasonable, a little damp in the air and quite a few puddles to negotiate towards the end.  Ian and Jamil shared the fastest time of the day with a swift 27:31.

Congratulations go to Nicola Lee continuing her recent good form to snatch the Eric Smith handicap title for 2014 by a single point from Sean and Charlotte who was also just one point behind Sean.  See the full table on the handicap page here.

Thanks to Dave Hainsworth and Jack on time keeping duties and to Richard Hamer for guiding folk up the track next to Swinsty Hall.

For those of you who like a bit of club history here’s Tony Allen’s report from the inaugural race 25 years ago: report, results.

Roll on 2015 with the first race at Harewood, Sat. 17th Jan where it all starts again.

Time H’Cap Net Time Pts
1 Matt Podd 51:49 13:00 38:49 21
2 Scott Harrington 51:59 24:00 27:59 20
3 Antonio Cardinale 52:30 00:00 52:30 19
4 Jamil Parapia 52:31 25:00 27:31 17
4 Ian Fisher 52:31 25:00 27:31 17
6 Graham Lake 53:14 20:00 33:14 16
7 Rogan Ashton 53:18 21:00 32:18 15
8 Nicola Lee 53:25 14:00 39:25 14
9 Eriks Zvaigzne 53:33 13:00 40:33 13
10 John Armitstead 53:37 17:00 36:37 12
11 Tom Potter 53:50 19:00 34:50 11
12 Charlotte Tomlinson 54:02 10:00 44:02 10
13 Dominic Egan 54:36 13:00 41:36 9
14 Tom Hannah 54:37 08:30 46:07 8
15 Sean O’Halloran 54:46 07:00 47:46 7
16 Colin Best 55:05 11:00 44:05 6
17 Kath Robertshaw 55:45 02:00 53:45 5
18 Carl Walsh 56:00 14:00 42:00 4
19 Andy Webster 56:26 16:00 40:26 3
20 David Fox 56:55 13:00 43:55 2
21 Andrew Robertshaw 57:52 23:00 34:52 1

11 thoughts on “Sunday 21st December – Ken Dixon Christmas Handicap

  1. Well done everyone, particularly Matt and Nicola. Thanks (once again) to Andrew for a great job of handicaping. Sorry I could not be there – hopefully will be back in Leeds more next year.

  2. Well done Nicola and to Sean and Charlotte for taking it to the line. Top three places separated by two points after ten races also deserves a hats off to Andrew for expertise in handicapping.
    Good performances from Antonio an almost ever present and Scott just ran out of track.
    Ian and Jamil either had a real ding dong or shared the same shorts! Awesome!!

  3. Well done Matt for the victory.
    A massive well done to Nicola and Charlotte. Congratulations to you Nicola, you managed to hit form at the right time and sneak up on Charlotte and me.
    Charlotte thank you for the great battle for the past six months, and thank you Antonio for the kind works and support throughout the year. Finally, thank you to Andrew for running the handicap, even if some handicaps were tough/impossible.
    I enjoyed my first full year of handicap races, sort of. I’m going for a lay down now. If is done see you on Tuesdday, I hope you all have a happy christmas.

  4. PS well done Matt, I bet Scott’s footsteps are still ringing in your ears!!

    Wish you all lots of ‘Yuletide Cheer’

  5. Well done everybody good year of running. Andrew thanks for handicapping it’s not an easy job especially for those of us whose form varies so much!

    Had to rush off today to drive across to Liverpool for the footy. But happy Christmas everyone.

  6. Congratulations to the new champion 2015 of the Eric Smith trophy Nicola L. , a title well deserved for a solid consistency all year round , well done indeed . Although also Sean O . would have been a worthy champion for being strong almost in all the races and Charlotte T. would have been a worthy winner as well because she has been at the top of the table most of the year with good performances. Three good runners that deserved indeed the 2015 title , but Nicola L . had a little more in the tank on the final Ken Dixon Christmas Race.

  7. Congratulations as well to our President Matt P. for winning the Ken Dixon Christmas Race done with a super strategy that it was a ”good warm up” before the start. Well done to all the members who took part in this cold and grumpy day at the Ken Dixon , especially Tom P. that with 34.50 in that weather condition is really a good ran indeed .

  8. I agree with Sean , if I do not see you before , Happy Christmas to you all …. 27:31 ran by Ian Fisher and Jamil P. is really astonishing considering the wet and cold day , also the 27:59 of Scott H. is good indeed.

  9. I’m thrilled to win the handicap – what a great end to the year! The last race was particularly challenging, so well done to all who ran, especially to Matt for winning on the day. Thanks to Andrew for organising, I’ve really enjoyed taking part. Big congratulations to Sean and Charlotte also!

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