Sunday 21st December – Travellers 6, Denby Dale

Sunday 21st December – Travellers 6, Denby Dale

As the year draws to a close, Howard Jeffrey couldn’t face another 10k*.

I did the Travellers 6 (mile) in Denby Dale which was very hilly and the wind was high; not quite so sharp as recently but I gave it my best.

The results will not be out till the New Year but I know there was at least one in my age group about 15 seconds ahead. Fair play to him, I went as fast as I could and there was at least one lady ahead. I finished in around 43:20 (42:32 in 2012 so given the wind, OKish).

Celebrity Alotta Fatuous questions me in an interview at the finish:

What does it mean to you? Everything, except, paradoxically, almost everything.

Was it a journey? Yes, I drove to Denby Dale.

Was it emotional? Yes, I cried all the way home.

How did it make you feel? Banjaxed.

How much did you want it? It is what I have always ever dreamed of , for the last couple of days.

Where do you go from here? The Chevin Chase.

More inane questions on BBC Strictly Come Running…

* In old money 10k is 6.21371 miles.

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  1. She forgot to ask you Howard ” how can you go so fast at your age? ” 43:20 is nice Howard considering as well that was not flat and it was a windy day, a time like that is something that I could dream of , and maybe during the early 1980 I could achieve similar racing. Well done indeed.

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