Friday 26th December – Chevin Chase

Friday 26th December – Chevin Chase

As usual lots of Otley members running over the Chevin on Boxing Day chasing a Brownlee or two.  This year Alistair, 37:03 took the win ahead of Jonathan, 37:26 with Ilkley H’s Tom Adams finishing 3rd, 38:07.  First lady was Georgia Malir,  Ilkley H in very quick 44:11.  Scott and Frank settled for battling it out fourth, with Frank taking the honours, just..  and Laura was first Otley lady & second in her category.

Please comment if you’re missing from the results below.

Report from Howard:

In much better shape than this time last year so started with the Chevin Chase on Boxing day. Pretty good conditions as the sun was out, no wind and cool. I think ‘they’ have tidied up the route a bit since last I did it, so not quite so uneven underfoot as previously. Still a tough couple of climbs (Chevin Doh!) as the list of fellow Otley AC members will attest to. Frank done good to come fourth. Not my terrain at all so pleased to come 2nd o/60

Full results here.  Photo’s and video on Airecentre (Chevin Chase) facebook page here.  Telegraph & Argus report & video here.

4 Frank Beresford 00:40:20
5 Scott Harrington (1st v35) 00:40:36
16 Thomas Midgley 00:42:51
18 Andrew Robertshaw (3rd v45) 00:43:15
42 Rogan Ashton 00:46:21
57 Tom Potter 00:47:03
74 Liam Dunne 00:47:58
88 Robin Outtersides 00:48:36
??? Graham Lake 00:49:10
114 Hugh Pearson 00:49:38
164 Howard Jeffrey (2nd v60) 00:51:46
173 Laura Martin (2nd v45) 00:52:02
213 Chris Stacey 00:53:39
283 Louise Riches 00:56:15
294 John Dade 00:56:24
313 Renee Saxton 00:57:01
315 Andy Webster 00:57:13
330 Matt Podd 00:57:36
382 Nicola Lee 00:59:17
409 Carl Walsh 00:59:33
505 Jacqueline Ackroyd 01:02:19
496 Liz Fawcett 01:02:35
498 Sara Elliott 01:02:47
604 Tom Hannah 01:05:54
623 John Davis 01:06:26
628 Sara Richard 01:06:48
645 Gilly Wight 01:06:59
681 Charlotte Tomlinson 01:08:55
745 Gemma Harrington 01:11:34
743 Reid Haddow 01:11:49
795 Sean O’Halloran 01:14:10
815 Hannah Mallinson 01:14:30
837 Emma Jones 01:17:06
879 Toni Midgley 01:20:51

6 thoughts on “Friday 26th December – Chevin Chase

  1. Always a great race to watch, and it’s particularly satisfying seeing the suffering on people’s faces on that deceptive climb from Quarry Car Park.
    This year’s suffering prize goes to Tom Potter; he didn’t look good as he passed me but still managed an impressive time.
    Not sure if there was a team prize but OAC came second; damn those Ilkley runners!

  2. What a fantastic turn out but OAC. Well done to everyone who ran, including partners of club members. Great work up front by Frank and Scott and great work by Emma and Toni who are just coming back to running from having a break. I hope everyone enjoyed the race as much as I did. It was my first Chevin Chase and it won’t be my last.

  3. I agree a cracking race! Well run by all the Black and Whites. The support was superb throughout the race by the local crowd. It was also nice to run with Scott, we worked as a good team to keep our 4th and 5th positions. A marvelous way to spend boxing day!

  4. fantastic running all you “Great Black and Whites” pleasure to see you all again!, well run Frank , Scotty, and all otley ac runners.

  5. I decided I didn’t need one if those new fangled ,’chip timing’ things so left it at home. Came in 49.10 on my watch.
    Pange caught the only time me and Shane Green were having a brief chat rather than working hard, hope he didn’t get too much grief! 🙂

  6. I agree with Reid that all Otley AC runners ran really well , especially Thomas M. with 42.51 is good indeed , and Andrew R. with 43.15 ran a super Chevin Chase and Howard J. with a brilliant 51.46 did a solid race ,I just do not know how he can manage to be so strong also with such muddy footpaths. The new Champion Nicola L. with 59.17 had a good run under the 60 minutes , that I could never achieved in my Chevin Chase races from 2000 to 2008 , my best was about 62 minutes.

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