Sunday 28th December – Ribble Valley 10k

Sunday 28th December – Ribble Valley 10k

Report from Frank:

I decided to take on the Ribble Valley 10k today. As many know this is a fast race with high quality runners from all over the country. The course is undulating and takes the runner though some fantastic Lancashire country side. The weather was perfect for a 10k with no wind, although the roads where slightly icy in places (especially at the 5km turning point!).
For me I came to the race wanting to achieve a PB which to be honest was slightly unrealistic having just run the chevin chase 48 hours before. I started the first mile well, however during the 2nd mile I had a lapse in concentration, which resulted in a slow mile. I managed to get my act together for the remaining 4 and a bit miles but was unable to gain the time I lost in that 2nd mile to get my PB. I finished with a time of 32.56, feeling the hills of the Chevin still in my legs. Next year I will be only racing one of the two events, I have learnt my lesson! It is a shame the Chevin Chase and the Ribble Valley 10k are so close together they are both really enjoyable races. The race was however, a real pleasure to race and well organised. My next race will be the Brass Monkey Half marathon which I hope will not be as icy!

and from Tamara:

So, another trip over to the dark side and another race. The Ribble Valley 10k was part of this year’s NOEAA 10k Championships, not that I knew that when I pre-entered. The fact that loads of serious elite types were going to be there did not help my pre-race nerves. I sat in the car for 30 mins before I could find the guts to get out of it. That done, I trotted a mile or so to the start – I was trying to be late – to await the terror that is throwing myself round a race course. I looked around for Frank, but he was clearly hidden in some lofty elite gaggle.

The whole race felt horrible from start to finish. I hadn’t realised how far down the 1105 field I had placed myself at the start, because it took about 1k to clear the slower runners in front of me. My head, heart and lungs were never in it; my legs got going around 4k, before dying again around 7k. I’m so rubbish at judging my pace. I figured if I could just keep going I would get about 41mins, way off my target of 39.57 (to beat Carol Armitstead’s FV35 10k record) but just grateful to finish. As I approached said finish, I was going to slow up, because I felt that knackered, but then I heard the loudspeaker guy going “ and these guys are still going to finish in under 39 mins’. Darn, thinks I, I’ll have to put in some effort to keep myself under 40mins. I was so incredulous to see my gun time on the little board of 39.10 – and so near to vomiting – that I didn’t pick up my t-shirt, shucks.

The race was won by John Beattie, Newham and Essex (yes, Essex!) Beagles in 30.01 and 1st lady, Rebecca Robinson, Kendal AAC, was 54th in 33.54. Our Frank Beresford finished impressively in 34th with a chip time of 32.56, gun time 32.57. I came in 205th, 18th lady and 1st FV45, with a chip time of 38.51, but a gun time of 39.10!

The course itself is nicely undulating – i.e. mostly flat with a couple of short sharp hills – snaking through closed country lanes. There was some good support in places and fine views to Pendle Hill. The weather was perfect and, so long as you spotted the patches of black ice, so were the racing conditions. It is well marshalled and signed throughout, with every km marked. Full results here.

4 thoughts on “Sunday 28th December – Ribble Valley 10k

  1. Ah yes, I remember the days of being in the “lofty elite gaggle”. That’s obviously a lie.
    Well done to the pair of you, and esp Tamara – you’re a record breaker!

  2. Great running Tamara and Frank really good times in what is a serious race. PB’s at 10K are in the offing if you both get to the start ‘primed’; I recommend Dewsbury 10K in early Feb, weather permitting, its a blast!

  3. Well done Frank, impressive stuff.
    Tamara, some really quick times this winter!! I’ve made a note to myself to let you go next time we race.

  4. Congratulations to Tamara W. for the new club record achieved with a super ran 38: 51 is a great result. Also well done to Frank B. that ran this 10k in 32:56 that is a brilliant performance if considering he did another superb race two days before, and instead my opinion that you do well to run two races in two days because you get stronger, also mentally and it will come the time during the year that there will be two events ,one after the other in a matter of days and you could be ready for it. Years back Ian Fisher used to do it when the race calendar was packed.

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