Wednesday 31st December – Auld Lang Syne Fell Race

Wednesday 31st December – Auld Lang Syne Fell Race

The last Woodentops production of the year lead to another Christmas/New Year Alistair Brownlee victory, 38:28 just ahead of a Mark Buckingham 38:35, and brother Jonathan 38:44.  First Lady was Helen Berry, Holmfirth 44:57.  See full results, report and photos on Woodentops here, YouTube video here.

First home for Otley was Shane Ewen in 73rd, 48:18, followed by 163rd Chris Stacey 55:12,  185th Stephen Boddy 57:00,  235th Andy Webster 1:00:34,  287th Hugh Pearson 1:04:17 and 327th Chris Brunold 1:08:34.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 31st December – Auld Lang Syne Fell Race

  1. I’ve done a few fell races now and they all follow a similar pattern, I go past people up hill, get overtaken by people on the flat and then don’t yet have the bottle to fully open up on the descent. Auld Lang Syne was no different, except it was colder. Lots of ice bogs made it tough going. I’m quickly realising that a good start can make a big difference in busy fell races as the traffic jams quickly became an issue up the steepest part of the hills where most people around me were reduced to walking pace. Looking back I really enjoyed it and again realised how much more fun I find this sort of run as opposed to road running. Will definitely get a few local fell runs in this year.

  2. Although you had loads of runners around you up the hills who did slow down your pace , you still had a solid performance Stephen, with 57minutes is not bad at all especially considering that because of the wet conditions the footpaths were a disaster. I have done this fell race from 2000 to 2007 and I know well the difficult route where the bogs look like quicksand and it seems that you are going to be swallowed in full. You did well and so all the other club members,well done everybody.

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