Thursday 1st January – Hardmoors 30

Thursday 1st January – Hardmoors 30

Neil Charlton reports:

This was my second ‘mini ultra’ in a month, the idea being that stringing a few together would yield better results! I’m not sure that worked this time but it was a great day out besides the weather which was windy and wet.

Starting in Robin Hoods Bay which is about 6 miles south of Whitby, the course was a sort of figure of 8 using the start / finish as the centre point. The first 13 mile loop heading north, inland along a flat track which afforded us some great tailwinds and a speedy first 5 miles or so. Then we entered Whitby and ran through the town up through the Abbey ruins and then south along the cliffs back toward Robin Hoods Bay. This is where it got harder with the cliff top paths being very very muddy and slippery. That coupled with the head wind made it tough to stay upright and running at times. There were a few parts of the cliff which seemed to have eroded too meaning the path was about 2 feet from some very big drop into the north sea which was quite unnerving at times.

After checking back in to Fylingdales Hall for a banana and a quick chat with Shirley we headed for a slow but steady 5 mile ascent along the Cinder Track south. I passed a couple of people but the strength in my legs letting me down slightly again (I know what training I need to do for next time). Muscles starting to tire now and I had lost the spring in my movements. I knew this was where it would start to be more difficult.

A little jaded from my Pately Bridge experience three weeks ago, I just wanted to keep moving at some kind of running pace, only walking for the most difficult of hills. We were now headed back along the Cleveland Way and back toward Robin Hoods Bay for the second time. The wind was again blowing head on (how does this happen?) but I managed to keep moving in a manner that might have looked to some like some sort of ”running’, all the way back.

I felt stronger at the end than The Frostbite Ultra so some of the training must be working.

I finished in just over 5 hours in 44th place which is slower than I wanted but I’m mostly happy.

The race was won by Ben Hamilton in 3.43 with first lady being Heather Mockrie Mochrie in 4.39. Full Results Here


2 thoughts on “Thursday 1st January – Hardmoors 30

  1. I would say that you started the new year with a strong performance Neil , considering as well the windy day that in my opinion is the worse weather condition in a race , also strong wind is bad also in training. Hardmoors 30 miles being ran around 5 hours is good indeed.

  2. Well done Neil, Keep pushing out the distance. That path from Whitby to Robin Hood Bay is really muddy and slippery. Lots of steps on the last bit back to Whitby.

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