6 thoughts on “Runner of the Month – December 2014

  1. I would say as well that Howard is the powerhouse of North Leeds for his consistency in top performances and I agree about his reports are really good and witty , well done Howard , indeed deserved in full. Also Tamara W. an excellent runner , with a club record that is an awesome achievement , deserved indeed , well done Tamara.

  2. Well deserved to both of you – Tamara for a super return to running and a spot in the club records. Howard for his Booker prize winning entries (and he runs fairly well for a mature one)

  3. Thanks for the accolade and well done Tamara too (also Matt Hall). Angel, Redeemer or attention seeker…you decide!!

  4. Thanks! I honoured to be getting the same award as Howard. I aspire to being such an attention-seeking genius 😉

  5. Really well done to both of you, both running really well!

    Also congrats to Mark Hall on runner of the year!

  6. Well done both of you, well deserved. Both of you are progressing well and continue the spirit of the “Black and Whites”.

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