Sunday 18th January: Brass monkey half marathon

Sunday 18th January: Brass monkey half marathon

You knew it was coming so, by popular demand, here is this week’s race report.
I had been looking forward to the aptly named Brass Monkey half marathon today and the met office issued a very helpful weather warning ( storms, gales, tidal waves?):… It is going to be…. Cold! Great, it’s like, January! To be fair it was well accurate and I did check the website for potential cancellation before I left as that has happened before.
There were patches of pretty treacherous black ice over maybe up to three miles of the route in total. My target of 1.30 ish missed by a couple of minutes and more like Antonio’s prediction of 1.32 ish (next week’s lottery numbers please Antonio). I had ‘qualified’ my target with ‘weather permitting’, so was pleased enough with the performance with most miles being at the right rate and as there was no wind, bright sunshine and untesting course profile, it is as good as it gets. Also best time for a while and felt good all the way and 4th in the category so another few steps forward (literally and metaphorically).
Only saw the other Otley AC members at the end but there was a liberal dose of PB’s for Scott, Frank, Tom and Sara, I believe, in a race won by Daniel Jenkin of Durham City Harriers in 1.08.57. First lady, Shona Mcintosh of Hunters Bog Trotters (it’s a Scottish thing) in 1.16.13. The Otley boys done good to get the team prize with Scott Harrington 7th in 1.10.50, Frank Beresford 8th in 1.12.07, Tom Midgley 22nd in 1.14.53. Liam Dunne 73rd in 1.20.32, Tom Potter (2nd claim) in 227th in 1.28.22, Howard Jeffrey 338th in 1.32.57, Andy Webster 677th in 1.44.08, Sara Elliott 683rd in 1.44.20 and Charlotte Dunne 1005th in 1.55.59. All gun times, chip times slightly quicker.
There were 1420 finishers plus one DNF and 8 queries, one of them being a FV50 with a time of 1.12.01! Possible but not likely and as for the seven others, we may never know….or care? The choice is yours!

Full Results here

2 thoughts on “Sunday 18th January: Brass monkey half marathon

  1. I don’t know a whole lot about these things but it seems pretty damn impressive winning the team prize when there’s nearly 1500 entrants. Chapeau.

  2. Howard maybe without the extremely icy condition you could have hit your target of around 1hour and 30 minutes,but you still ran a good half marathon with a super result, and your reports from races all over Europe are popular. Well done to all the club’s members who ran the Brass monkey , especially who did the PB. and Tom M. had an impressive performance on this very flat course, also Charlotte D. ran well in York .

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