Saturday 7th February: rombalds stride

Saturday 7th February: rombalds stride

Report from el presidente:


WEl_Pres_Rombalds_Sell it doesn’t get much better than that. Fabulous day with Sun at the end and underfoot conditions much better than the recce, though I still managed to fall in the mud on the moor. Loads of Black and Whites in this. It was a right social event before the start. Not fully sure of results yet, but Graham Pearce managed to beat Frank to the win GrahamL_Rombalds_S(Frank had an issue on the Chevin). But Graham was impressed with him and wants him to join Pudsey and Bramley!

People seemed to finish in groups, Frank, Edward, Graham L. Shane, and Neil early (low 3hrs) followed by Me, Jim and Laura (around 3.40), Saw Hugh arrive after us and Sara R who felt guilty as she had lost Sean! Many others were out and about. Sarah F did it with her dad; and her Husband was well fast finishing near the front – must get him to join the B& W’s. Liz F was there walking it with Sarah McB, and I’ve probably missed others. Cakes were well up to standard and bacon butties and tea were available en route. This is a fabulous trot out and if you played it right you could have put on weight. Great support on the course from the Robertshaws, Tamara and many others. All in all a good day out with most people grinning at the finish. Hope Sean got round OK. Results soon.

RossA_Rombalds_S Full results are now available here.

1st Graham Pearce, P&B 2:38:38, & 1st Lady Jane McCarthy, Ilkley H 3:05:57,  2nd Frank Beresford 2:39:39,  9th Edward Davies 2:56:07,  23rd Shane Ewen 3:09:36,  34th Ross Armstrong 3:19:113,  43rd Graham Lake 3:22:44,  50th Neil Charlton 3:27:59,  73rd Matt Podd 3:40:09,  77th Jim Sneath 3:42:16,  122nd Laura Martin 4:02:09,  171st Hugh Pearson 4:23:41,  198th Will Turner 436:48,  238th Sara Richard 5:19:18,  267th Richard Clarke 5:42:43,  294th Sean O’Halloran 6:04:34,  319th Sarah Fuller 6:31:55,  335th Liz Fawcett 6:53:48.

More of Jack’s photos here and for his spectator’s view of the morning .

A  shorter Rombald Stride  Experience

As my left knee was giving me problems we decided to catch the bus to The Fox Menston  and follow the said route towards Burley Woodhead.  We were somewhat surprised  on the path over the Railway line to be met by Graham Pearce  and Frank  coming towards us. Both looking as fresh as a daisy. If the start was 9 o clock they had reached this point in two hours five minutes.  Too late to catch them on camera    Two or three runners had sped past us by Fairfax Road, with a few more before Bleach Mill Lane. Mark Hall and Shane Green were chatting on the road side. Turning into Bleach Mill Lane Edward  arrived  looking as if he was on a morning training run.. A number of competitors past us on the lane and Shane was not recognised soon enough, as he was not wearing a club vest. I got a rear view shot in as he disappeared from sight. Next to appear was Ross wearing his Northern Ireland Club Vest. Not far behind, on the narrow path by Bleach Mill, Neil Charlton and Graham Lake can into sight both running strongly. Graham offered to stop so I could get a better photo but I declined the offer. By this time there  was a steady stream of runners. A lady came through wearing the same vest as Ross. The narrow path up from the Hag Farm was covered slowly in order to stand sideways to let the runners through. By Richard Whiteley’s old house Matt, Jimmy and Laura bobbed up. Good packing. The camera let me down. Not fast enough. The stiles and gates from here to the Burley Woodhead checkpoint slowed us down having to frequently stop to let people by.  Rather than standing still we proceeded up onto the moor. Next through was Hugh but again as he was not wearing a club vest I could only manage a rear view photo.  Finally a familiar sight came into view. It can’t be. It is. Its Dale Foster.  By this time the frequency of runners became somewhat reduced. Groups of three or four then nothing.

11 thoughts on “Saturday 7th February: rombalds stride

  1. Fab day and lovely to see it from the perspective of a walker – very relaxed!! Although I seem to have re- activated many of my spine blisters (guess they weren’t healed properly then!) and the cankles are back big time (I’m bored with recovering now!). Don’t worry Derek is definately going to join 🙂

  2. Yep I made it round, sore foot flexor from about 6 miles did not help. But if I maintained a steady jog it was pain free, hurt to walk so tried not to walk. Really enjoyed this event, it was my first and certinally not my last.
    Lovely route, great checkpoints, friendly marshals and glorious running weather ! Perfect !
    Well done everyone, great turnout !! Over the Odda anyone?

  3. For me I decided to give this a go and was the furthest I have ever run, along with the highest mileage week I have run. I ran with Graham (who navigated very well, as i had no idea where I was going) until the part where you come off the moors and then pushed the pace and managed to gain the lead feeling reasonably good. I decided to go up the Chevin (it was a lot steeper than I remembered!) as fast as possible, which meant I lost all concentration and ended up near surprise view! By the time I had got back on route, the best I could do was finished second. However there will always be next year! Yes I was asked to join Pudsey and Bramley but I refused.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the well organised event. Well done to all those who took part! I am now beginning to see the attraction of ultra running….

  4. Well done Frank & everyone, sorry for those I missed seeing on my Sat. morning run & it was good to bump into old D’ale Foster on t’moor.
    Fell running lesson learned about following folk then Frank! & a few of my P&B friends tried that on me for several years too, it was always a vest to chase in champs. fell races.

  5. Good turn-out from the black and whites and well done Frank-maybe see you on Ilkley Moor on one of Sarah Fuller’s night nav classes! Sounds a lot more like a social event, with bacon butties! Can’t get better than that.

  6. Nice one Frank – who wants to wear pink and yellow? Black an white is much classier. I find following people works really well if they know where they are going; and recce-ing works really well if you recce it correctly. Hence I often get lost.

  7. Great event, everyone should do it at least once. I managed a cramp-free run, which was my main aim leading up to 3 Peaks.

  8. Great day out with an excellent cake:mile ratio. Particularly enjoyed the jaffa cakes and caramel bites. My secret weapon of compression stockings saved me from major leg failure the next day, but did look a bit kinky.

  9. Sounds like you all had fun

    Congratulations and well done

    Will Frank do what is right?

    The answer’s Black and White!

  10. To be honest , I got lost in the Chevin like Frank as well and I had to ask walkers several times which direction to go , it was 2001 and i just arrived in England , I did this race until 2006 and I really liked it, my best time was around 5 hours together with Amanda P. Frank B . does well to stay with Otley AC because although the club is not huge like P.and B. our club has got several formidable runners that he can train with and grow stronger without the pressure of being with P.and B. Well done everyone.

  11. Well that was a lot of fun. It was great to meet up with old and great friends made both on and after the run. See you all soon. Well done everyone who took part.

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