Sunday 8th Feb: muddy boots 10k

Sunday 8th Feb: muddy boots 10k

Report from Hannah:

Justina and I turned up for this race completely unprepared due to lack of training time and we were pretty much just looking forward to a run somewhere different.

We didn’t expect any other Otley runners to be there as most were doing Rombalds or Harewood Half this weekend so it was nice to bump into Andy Ackroyd in the school hall. We also bumped into Chris and Liz Wordsworth just before the start which I have to say was the highlight of the run for me as it’s been a while since I’ve seen them and they are missed down at club.

I’ve done this race a couple of times before and can’t say it’s a favourite route of mine however this year they had made a few changes to avoid queuing on the bridge and I have to say it’s a huge improvement to the whole course. For those who have never done it, this race is an undulating route that is run on a bit of road, farm tracks and lots of field paths which can be either very frozen or extremely muddy depending on the weather. This year they were fairly muddy but it’s been much worse.

We set off together at a comfortable pace and I started to enjoy myself, at about 2k we split up and ran our own races, I’d decided to keep a nice steady pace till about 6k and see how I felt. Luckily 6k coincided with a downhill segment so I decided to up my pace for a mile and see how I got on. I managed to keep this up for most of the way back to the school fields when I heard someone shouting on a competitor and then realised it was Laura Martin leaning out of a car window shouting at me. Made me chuckle and spurred me on to pick up the pace again to the finish line.

Really pleased with how I paced myself, I’ve finally learnt how to from Laura Hind. In hindsight I could have gone harder but I really didn’t know what shape I was in and now I’ve seen my time I wish I had to get under the hour, how annoying! I’ve got a month to train for Norton 9 and to get my race head on, not sure which is the biggest challenge.

Justina’s quote from the race “just say it was tough but the second half was better. No congestion at the foot bridge. The last 2k was really boring”

Full results for the Black and Whites Andrew Ackroyd 51:05, David Fox 52:34, Hannah Mallinson 1:00:15, Justina Stringer 1:03:39, Gloria Jackson 1:10:19.

3 thoughts on “Sunday 8th Feb: muddy boots 10k

  1. Nice report Hannah, well done you and all. I have never done it but your report was the next best thing. I had a number but gave it a miss to save my legs for Liversedge half.

  2. Lovely report indeed Hannah , it is good to read ,and your 1:00:15 is significant that you slowly are coming back in good shape and from your report I can tell that you are wise enough about not to push too much your pace. Also David F. with 52:34 had an excellent performance in this muddy 10k. 51:05 of Andrew A. was not bad at all ,and Justina S. and Gloria J. had a good day running in this muddy boots race.

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