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  1. Yes I recognise No.267 Sylvia Watson of Valley Striders photo 24. VS is one of my second claim clubs and Sylvia is still with them and still going strong. Back in the day when Valley Striders had an ‘Elite Squad’ of 31 minute 10K men (yes I know!) when new members and less than elite runners turned up at the club for training it was a lonely affair for them. I set up a second session from Scott Hall leisure centre (still going strong!) where we did street circuits so no-one ever lost touch. We got round to interval speedwork and Sylvia worked really hard. She got faster of course and being an ultra runner I believe she has world age group bests. Kath Kaiser also pushed hard and I think she also medalled at a European masters half marathon. That was around 1991.
    It is not my terrain now and it was not then so although a couple of faces look familiar I dont know their names and it is possible I have not seen them for 24 years!

  2. I would like to say thank you to Dave Woodhead for the super old and new photos as well , and I am also grateful to Eileen W. for her contribution to the sport . From the comments above I realize that Howard has been a member with running clubs for decades , he is a runner indeed , he has got loads of experience of athletics ,merit to him . I can only recognize the legend of the fell running Ian Holmes and Helen Berry.

  3. Checked out Simon Seat in the dark last night with fellow moonlighters. Lovely starry night, up the steep way and down by the Valley of Desolation.
    A lot of familiar names in the old results still out there beating me. There is now the Charlesworth Chase race Sat 16th May – see FRA race list. A nasty little beast of a race, with a wild leg snapping descent.

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