Sunday 22nd February – Ilkley Moor Fell Race

Sunday 22nd February – Ilkley Moor Fell Race

Report from Sean O’Halloran:

The Ilkley Moor Fell Race has been staged by Ilkley Harriers every year since 1990. It is a hard fell race in winter and is billed as not suitable for beginners due to the steep, slippery, and rocky descents.

Winner was Simon Bailey (36.52) of Mercia beating local favourite Tom Adams in to 2nd. First Lady was Caitlin Rice of Glossopdale 30th in 46.24.

First home for Otley was Jeremy Stewart in 48:55, followed by Graham Lake in 49:45, Tom Lynch in 52:40, Stephen Boddy in 55:52, Andrew Webster in 59:45, Matt Podd in 61:09, Neil Reed in 63:44, Hugh Pearson in 63:54, Eriks Zvaigzne in 68:03,  David Fox in 68:18, Sara Richard in 73:46 and Sean O’Halloran in 86:13.


Otley juniors also had a strong turnout on Ilkely Moor.

In the Under 8’s 1/2 mile race first home for Otley in sixth was Aston Brogden in 04:35

In the Under 10’s 1 mile race Alice Webster was the only representative from Otley.

In the Under 12’s 1 mile race first home for Otley in 12th was Jenson Brogden in 8:43 followed by Jake McBrinn in 09:00, Adam Powell in 09:20, Jake Powell in 09:44, Holly Davey in 09:58 and Kieran Green in 10:56.

In the Under 14’s 1 mile race first home for Otley in seventh was William O’Neil in 08:24, Also for Otley were Rebecca Richard in 11:33 and Imogen Webster in 11:39.


Report from Matt Podd: Cold day with sleet later – a good motivation to run quick. Conditions underfoot good for the time of year.

Simon Bailey beat local favourite Tom Adams. Caitlin Rice was 1st woman.

Finishing order of B & W’s, Jeremy S, Graham L, Tom L, Steve B, Andy W, The President, Hugh P, Eriks Z, David F, Sean O’H, and somewhere was Sara R, Sean’s orange top reminded me of a Tango advert – very cheerful. Full results awaited.

Lots of Juniors raced and there are good photos on Woodentops (including provisional results lists). Thanks to spectators for support.

 Report from Graham Lake:Details: biting wind and full kit-check (quite rightly) greeted runners on the side of Ilkley Moor for this popular race. It’s a surprisingly technical route, making the most of the contours. The descent down Backstone Beck being a particularly tricky one, and 2 or 3 scrambles back up the steepest bits the moor has to offer. This was my 3rd time running it, and knew a fast start was needed so as not to be boxed in going up to the Cow and Calf. I then got in to a steady pace running with a few of the regulars from the local area. I managed not to go flying down the aforementioned tricky descent, where I was greeted at the bottom by Jack and Kath with a “Come on Graham”. In fact, there were lots of “Come on Graham”s around the course, and I felt pretty damn popular; until I realised Graham Pilling from Pudsey and Bramley was a couple of runners behind me. Ah well.Jeremy Stewart passed me at some point, running well, and I soon found myelf flying down the brilliant last two descents; it really is a case of going as fast as you dare. The chap in front of me took a good dive, but got up quickly, allowing me to close up to him, and I did a classic sprint finish to overtake him before the line (a youtube highlight coming up I reckon).

Finishing I saw that Jeremy had taken a good tumble, and had a good war-wound for his trouble (hope not too bad!) Was pretty pleased with form, and was buzzing afterwards as I enjoyed my free Yorkshire Tea at home.

Some results (unofficial)

Winner was Simon Bailey (36.52) of Mercia beating local favourite Tom Adams in to 2nd. First Lady was Caitlin Rice of Glossopdale 30th in 46.24. Jeremy was first back for Otley in 45th (48.55), then me 53rd (49.45), Tom Lynch 76th (52.40), Steven Boddy 109th (times seem to be missing from this point on from Woodentops photo), Andy Webster 145th, Matt Podd 154th, Neil Reed 169th, Hugh Pearson 171st, David Fox 199th, Sean O’Halloran 205th. Thought I saw Sara R on the photos, but can’t see her on results, apologies if I’ve missed anyone.

Lots of good photos here, including juniors


Official results to come from

2 thoughts on “Sunday 22nd February – Ilkley Moor Fell Race

  1. This was my first category A fell race, tough and technical but I loved it. Think I may have been elevated up the results somewhat. Think I finished almost last not that it matters to me, my aim is to have lots of fun and just enjoy tough running.
    Looking forward to tackling many more fells throughout the year. Well done to all the Black and Whites !!

  2. It is really a tough fell race this one, I did this Ilkley race from 2001 to 2007 and I found the hardiest part was the steep downhill to the wooden bridge. Well done to everyone who ran the fell race , with a special mention to David F. that after the nasty fall of last year is coming back in good form .

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