Sunday 22nd February – Snake Lane 10 mile

Sunday 22nd February – Snake Lane 10 mile

Results for Snake Lane. Otley took the team prize. And some photos on the club’s Flickr site.


Position Competitor Name Gender Category Cat Pos Club Finish Time Chip Time
2 Scott Harrington Male Vet 35 1/76 Otley AC 00:54:24 00:54:23
11 Tom Midgley Male SNR 5/89 Otley AC 00:57:31 00:57:29
20 Liam Dunne Male Vet 40 6/115 Otley AC 00:58:25 00:58:22
55 Richard Smith Male SNR 21/89 Otley AC 01:00:51 01:00:48
80 Mark Hall Male Vet 45 6/104 Otley A C 01:02:32 01:02:30
509 Chris Tomlinson Male Vet 35 64/76 Otley AC 01:21:47 01:21:24
583 Andrew Rayner Male Vet 45 82/104 Otley AC 01:24:46 01:24:17
695 Charlotte Tomlinson Female SNR 43/64 Otley AC 01:29:39 01:29:16
795 Gemma Harrington Female Vet 35 59/86 Otley AC 01:34:30 01:34:06


4 thoughts on “Sunday 22nd February – Snake Lane 10 mile

  1. This is another race that I meant to run for several years but for one reason or another I never came round to do it .Well done to everybody who ran this 10 miles, especially Scott H. with 54:24 did a super race , and Mark H. is back with a superb 1:02 , also Gemma H. ran strongly in this Snake Lane with a good performance ,and Charlotte T. too had a good day running well.

  2. As often seems to happen Snake Lane takes place on a windy day! The last 2 miles are always a slog into the wind. However, OAC performed well again rewarded with the team prize. It’s not something I take pleasure in pointing out but I am now in the V55 category (with a poorly foot, anyone got a spare left they can give me?) but I like the idea of V45!

  3. I am flabbergasted Mark that you ran 10 miles in 1:02 an excellent performance with your left foot in poor condition , I know well that you are a top competitor , but now like you pointed out that you are V55 , maybe is time for you to take it more easy .

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