Sunday March 1st: Norton 9

Sunday March 1st: Norton 9


The Otley 4 of Hannah Lupton, Joanna Hobson, Sara Richardson and Laura Hind braved the wind on Sunday morning, venturing down to the Norton 9 in the North Yorkshire village of Norton (near Doncaster – South, surely!?)
A circular route around winding lanes, the course was mostly flat with a couple of hills on mile 5, 7 and a sneaky one right at the end. There was a good turnout too and with excellent marshalling, it made for an enjoyable race. Despite the sunshine, the wind added its own special twist, with quite long sections of the race spent running into a headwind so strong that we felt as if we were running backwards!
The winner was Nathaniel Williams (unattached) in 50.03 and first lady was Fiona Davies (Kingstone) in 57.31. Sara was first home for Otley in 81.50, with Laura in 83.52, Joanna 84.32 and Hannah 86.50, all well within our 90 minute target and injury free!
A definite race for the calendar; good for half marathon training.
Did I mention that it was a bit windy?

9 thoughts on “Sunday March 1st: Norton 9

  1. Winner was Nathaniel Williams in 50:03 Unattached
    First lady was Fiona Davies in 57:31 Kingstone

    360th Sara Richard in 81:50
    378th Laura Hind in 83:52
    388th Joanne Hobson in 84:32
    413th Hannah Lupton in 86:50

    Well done ladies !

  2. A bit windy??!! That’s an understatement, I feared I was being blown off my feet and into the ditch on several occasions and lets be honest I’m not exactly light! Was a good route though and thoroughly enjoyed our trip over there having a good gossip on the way there and back, as us women like to do. Would recommend this race for next year and look forward to giving it another go.

  3. Ditto Hannah! Thanks to Laura for the lift to Norton and for doing this race report, definitely back next year

  4. nice one ladies! Howard-why weren’t you there, you pop up all over the place! Only jealous of the injury free bit

  5. I think it’s safe to say we all got pb’s, having never done a 9 mile race before. I’d not thought of it like that Howard.

  6. Always nice to get a PB, whatever the reason.
    I have done the Norton 9 many times but I had entered the Haweswater half. Gave that a miss too as I need the bike miles for duathlons in April

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